Sign Locations

Exterior signage helps businesses get noticed and gain customers. Depending on the location of your business or organization, the placement of your exterior sign can make or break your customer attraction strategy.

Here are our suggestions on exterior sign locations to help your business be seen.

Illuminated-LED Signs Offer 24/7 Visibility

Illuminated-LED signs (signs that light up) are favored by businesses because they establish a prominence for your building, expand your reach, and can be completely customizable.

Illuminated exterior signs provide day and night, near and far visibility for your business or organization. All businesses will benefit from increased reach, but if your building is in a hard-to-find area, or you get lost among other stores, it would be especially best to opt for an illuminated-LED sign.

Illuminated-LED signs  can come with one or a combination of several lighting techniques, including front-lit, back-lit (also called “halo-lit”), push-through acrylic, cabinet signs and more.

To learn more about the benefits of LED signs, click here.

Blade Signs Stop Foot Traffic

Blade signs are ideal for shops and boutiques in complexes and malls. Instead of getting lost in a sea of stores, get noticed with a blade sign.

Blade signs are positioned perpendicularly to your store, aimed specifically at stopping foot traffic. This puts your brand right in front of people walking on the sidewalk or street, garnering attention and attracting customers.

Monument Signs Distinguish Your Business

Monument signs are a prominent form of exterior signage. A monument sign is a free-standing structure that is built into the ground, used to easily determine building locations and establish presence and visibility within your community.

Monument signs are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, colors and materials. Most businesses utilize brick, rock or other materials to recreate natural elements for a sleek appearance that adds to the aesthetic appeal of any location.

Monument signs are ideal for parks, neighborhoods (home owner’s associations), property management companies, shopping centers, churches and more.


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