Majestic Sign Studio recently completed a monument sign project for Corona United Methodist Church. Located in Corona, California, Corona United Methodist Church was looking for a sign to match the architecture of their building and help identify their location.

A monument sign needs to be distinguished and enduring in order to serve its purpose of consistently marketing your business or organization to the public. Because of this, choosing the right material for your sign is very important. Corona United Methodist Church selected HDU (High Density Urethane) to build their custom monument sign. HDU is a great choice for a durable and long-lasting building sign—it’s rust proof (and thus a good alternative to metals), as well as termite and rot resistant. HDU also offers great strength, while still being lightweight.

To build this type of monument sign, a custom mold must first be created. One design was selected from the 60 custom molds Majestic offers, due to its ability closely match the 10-year-old building exterior. Majestic was also able to complement the exterior by matching its color scheme to the sign.

To prevent letter shadowing, Corona United Methodist Church selected recessed lettering, which was sprayed with a Stucco finish and painted for added durability. Once built, the overall sign measured 10 feet wide and three feet tall (a maximum height requirement for monument signs placed near driveways within the city of Corona). 3-inch diameter PVC pipe is built into the sign for installation, and is then embedded into 3 feet of concrete to ensure maximum stability.

A monument sign is a permanent structure, requiring both a building and sign permit. For exterior signs, Majestic works closely with both the customer and the city, to ensure all signage have the proper permits and are built according to city regulations. This ensures the sign is done correctly the first time, and also eliminates any chance of violation and fines.

Getting a monument sign for a building is process, from its design, planning and installation, with the timeframe depending on the nature of the project. The end result is an easy-to-find building with a professional exterior and an inviting environment for your business or organization. To get started on a monument sign for your building, request a free estimate today.


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