Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to expand your business into new territories? Custom truck and trailer wraps or vehicle graphics could be the perfect solution! They are a one-time investment that can make hundreds of thousands of impressions each week, becoming an effective pipeline for new customers over the years.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we have seen how fast custom vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics can work at attracting new customers and helping businesses establish their brand identity.

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Use your service truck, van or trailer to promote your business, target your audience, and bolster brand equity.

Truck, van and trailer graphics are one of the most effective and proven methods of outdoor advertising. Utilizing vehicle space for promotional graphics is a cost-effective tool that’s favored among businesses.

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According to the Outdoor Advertising Association (OSAA), truck, van and trailer wraps are popular in outdoor advertising because they allow businesses to:  

Furthermore, an American Trucking Association study indicates that truck, van and trailer wraps play a significant role in positive brand recognition and equity: 


There are many benefits that come from investing in vinyl trailer wraps, including:

Compared to print and radio ads or online digital marketing, trailer wraps are a one-time investment that will last for years.

Give your business confidence and conquer your fears of expanding into new territories. Vehicle advertising is a non-invasive way to advertise your products or services.

Establishing your brand is crucial in today’s market. Fit your vehicles with wraps or graphics to give your employees a uniform, professional look.

First impressions are important, but repeated impressions that remind people of your business are necessary if you want your business to be successful. By consistently enforcing your brand image in Corona, you can build deeper connections that lead to more customers down the road.

See a return at tax time and claim your vehicle wrap as a business expense.

24/7 Advertising: Your vehicle not only gets visibility when it is on the road; even in a parking lot it can capture attention and generate impressions. This constant advertising tool gets noticed anywhere you go.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint: A common misconception about Corona trailer wraps is they can damage your vehicle paint. The opposite is true. While your vehicle is wrapped, it acts as a protective shell that protects your truck or trailer from scratches and abrasions.



Truck, van and trailer wraps and decals help businesses benefit from time spent on the road, and are especially ideal for service industries. Place your advertisements in front of your target audience by using truck, van and fleet wraps for business operations.

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If you are ready to step into the world of modern advertising and want to use custom trailer wraps to expand your business in Corona, give us a call. Whether you need a single trailer wrap, a truck wrap, a food truck wrap, or a whole fleet wrapped, Majestic Sign Studio can handle the job.

We discuss everything up front, including the cost of trailer wraps and how long your project will take before you commit to anything. We pride ourselves in responsibly educating our customers so they can make informed decisions that work for their business and within their budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A high-quality, professionally installed truck wrap can last approximately five to seven years. After that length of time, it is common to notice that your vinyl wrap is beginning to crack, fade, or peel off your vehicle. When it’s time to replace your wrap, you can use the same design or have an entirely new look created.

Wrapping a truck provides many benefits, making it a worthwhile investment. For business owners, vehicle advertising is a cost-effective marketing tool that delivers top results. While out on the road, your brand will be seen by thousands of customers every day! In addition to looking good, wraps also protect your vehicle’s exterior, helping to preserve its value.

The cost to wrap a truck will depend on the design and finish of the wrap, as well as the size. While full custom truck wraps are a popular option, many people opt for a partial wrap or even just a door or tailgate wrap as it may be a better fit for their message or budget.

Wrapping your truck will help cover and protect the paint. There’s no need to worry about a wrap causing paint damage. A vinyl wrap will act as a barrier that works to protect paint against weather exposure, rocks, and other debris, as well as normal wear and tear.

If you want to amplify your company’s marketing message and make sure that your vehicles out on the road attract attention, it’s time to wrap your trucks. Vinyl wraps are also an excellent way to elevate the appearance of a vehicle cost-effectively without making any permanent changes.

Designing an effective truck wrap starts by understanding what you want the wrap to achieve. You also want any design to be cohesive with your brand and other marketing efforts. It’s really important to work with an experienced vehicle wrap company to ensure that your design will work well with the truck you have and that the images and colors used are as vibrant as possible.

Wrapping a vehicle yourself can be tricky. It’s important to clean it with a paint-safe grease and wax remover and to carefully buff away any dust and debris. Having your wrap professionally installed is the best way to ensure your truck is properly prepared for its vinyl wrap.

Properly removing a vinyl truck wrap involves three steps – applying heat, detailing to remove all vinyl and adhesive, and the final clean-up. An experienced vinyl wrap technician will apply heat at the seam or an edge until warm and then gently pull the entire wrap from the vehicle. Once the main wrap is removed, any remaining pieces or adhesive will be tackled and removed.

They certainly can be! While vehicle advertising has long been proven to be very effective, making sure you have the right truck wrap is critical. You want to be sure your wrap helps your brand resonate with the customer and that your contact information and business name is easily visible and readable.

The amount of wrap you’ll need for a truck will vary depending on if you’re doing a full or partial wrap. The size and the type of truck will also impact the amount of vinyl needed, however, the most common amount required is a 70 to 75 foot by 60 inches roll.


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