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Why Our Interior Lobby Signs & Office Signs are Famous!

Our office sign for The LA KISS has been featured on television on the AMC network and also in a 4-page spread in Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine.

Lobby signage and other interior business signs play a very significant role in the branding and message of your business. Lobby signs are the first thing people see upon entering your business. First impressions are everything and your office sign sets the precedent for the overall impression your business gives.

There are virtually limitless options when it comes to the types of materials, design, mounting preferences, etc. that you can utilize for your lobby signs and office signs! For example, back-painted acrylic signs, which are offset from the wall by mounts are a popular choice for many businesses. You also have the option of having them illuminated or backlit.

In addition to using lobby signs for branding, they can also be used for company and office directories or even just for aesthetics and décor. Not sure what you want? Stop by our showroom to see some of our sample materials or talk with one of our graphic designers to see what types of designs would best fit YOUR business needs. You can also check out our exterior business signs page, if you are looking to update any of your outside signs. 

Custom Lobby Signs for Your Business

Not sure if your current lobby signs are sending out the right message about your business? A high-quality sign that’s designed specifically with your company in mind can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with your customers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding on reception and lobby signs that will work best for your needs:

Sliver Glass Office Lobby Signs

Make the Most of Interior Office Lobby Signs

Did you know that you can take your lobby and interior signage even further and use them to communicate even more information about your business? From highlighting products or services to showcasing your service commitment, milestones or awards, why not engage customers at a higher level by using strategic signage to educate them about all you’ve accomplished.

Whether you add one or more, any signage you install can improve your brand image.

You want your signs to be cohesive, eye-catching, and help build trust and loyalty with your customer base. If you need a great lobby sign in Corona, trust Majestic Sign Studio to help you ensure you get the right sign in the right location.

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Choose Your Letter Type, Thickness & Style

Interior Lobby Signs

Acrylic Letters

Common types of signs these letters are used in are interior lobby signsmonument signs, and exterior signs. 

Interior Office Signs Corona

Back-Painted Acrylic Letters

Clear acrylic letters painted on the back side gives a glossy finish to the letters and you can see the acrylic from the sides. 

Custom Interior Lobby Signs

Metal Laminate Letters

Aluminum bonded to Gatorfoam, PVC, or acrylic for your office sign. The edges can be painted with a metal color paint so it simulates a solid metal look. 

Lobby Signs

PVC Letters

An alternative to acrylic letters which are painted a color of your choosing.

Lobby Sign Corona

Acrylic Laminate Letters

Great for adding additional dimension to your letters . Acrylic is laminated to PVC or light-weight, high density foam (letterfoam) at various thicknesses to add dimension to the letters. These are a cost effective option for dimensional lobby and office signs.

Interior Custom Office Signs


Interior sign plaques can be made by using a combination of metal and/or acrylic. Dimensional letters can be placed onto the plaque for a complete stylized look or used in conjunction with a digital print graphic if your logo has many artistic effects that cannot be duplicated with traditional sign materials.

See our KISS sign for an example of a digital print sign overlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lobby signs are signs placed in the lobby or reception area designed to welcome guests. They can be created using many different materials and in varying sizes and should represent your brand and your business. Not only do they help make a great first impression but they also confirm for people that they are in the right place.

The cost of a lobby sign depends on several factors such as design, size, material, and installation. If you have a lobby sign in mind, reach out to us for a quote. If you aren’t sure where to start, Majestic Sign Studio would be happy to meet with you to provide lobby sign options that can elevate your image.

The longevity of a lobby sign may depend on the material it’s made of and whether or not the sign is illuminated. In the case of illumination, you may simply have to replace the light source. Overall, you can expect your lobby sign to last at least five years before you need to consider any plans for an upgrade or replacement.

The cost of a digital lobby sign will vary based on complexity. A simple one-screen setup can be very cost-effective, while large and complex digital signage that integrates with another system can require a certain investment. It’s also important to note that you may also be required to pay a monthly for the software to run a digital sign.

Backlit lobby signs are most commonly made from flat-cut materials such as acrylic or metal. The signs are then raised off the wall using a special mount so that the sign can be lit from behind. The result is a professional and eye-catching sign that elevates the first impression customers will have when they enter your space.

While you never want to go too small, the ideal size for a lobby sign really depends on the space you have to work with. You don’t want the sign to overpower your lobby, as it should be a positive addition to your space. Majestic Sign Studio can work with you to determine the size of the sign that will deliver the best results.

Just about any lobby sign is better than no sign at all! Since a lobby sign helps set the tone for your brand and creates a better customer experience, investing in a lobby sign is a smart decision. In terms of which ones are good for business, you really should select one that aligns with your brand and fits within your budget.

The time required to make your lobby sign will depend on if you’re looking for our team to design the sign or if you’re coming to us with a design ready to be manufactured. The good news is, that when you work with Majestic Sign Studio, we’ll always keep you informed of our timelines and will do our best to get you your signs when you need them.

Lobby signs really are a great way to help build the image you want your customers to have. Not only do they help make a great first impression, but they send the message that you take pride in your business and offer professional products or services that customers can trust.

There really isn’t an average size since so much depends on the size of the wall where the sign will be installed. Typically, lobby signs are about one-half the width of the wall where the sign is installed. However, considerations such as the size of the room, traffic patterns, furniture, and the location of reception desks will all impact a sign’s size.


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