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Illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters can be seen on all types of buildings in Irvine. This popular outdoor signage choice is often selected by retail spaces, restaurants, and office buildings. Channel letter signs can be custom made, and their versatility makes them a top choice across all industries.

Majestic Sign Studio has helped businesses all over California create custom channel letters designed to attract more attention and build success. This type of signage is one of the most effective ways to get your location noticed. In order to align with your brand and with the image you want to project, you can choose your preferred colors, font type, and letter size.

Whether your Irvine business is located on a busy street, in a retail park, or inside a shopping center, LED channel letters will deliver an impact that’s hard to ignore. While they are more popular for outdoor signs, the versatility of channel letters means they can be installed indoors too, and be just as effective. Let the team at Majestic Sign Studio help you create the exact signage you need.

Types of Channel Letters

Each set of channel letters has an individual structure and separate illumination. This is part of what makes the results look so professional and create highly visible signage.

For businesses looking for more information on custom channel letters, know that in addition to choosing your letter height, depth and font, you also have a choice when it comes to the various lighting options. The experienced team at Majestic Sign Studio can create any type of custom letters you’re looking for.

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Front lit channel letters

Considered the standard option, these letters have translucent faces. LED modules are used to illuminate the letters and each letter has an acrylic face and aluminum backing.

Channel Letter Sign Norco

Backlit channel letters

These letters have metal faces and sides but have a clear plastic backing. They are designed to be mounted an inch or so off the wall, similar to halo-lit letters.

Channel Letters with Digital Print Translucent Vinyl

Halo-lit channel letters

Halo-lit letters are also referred to as reverse-lit channel letters. In this case, the aluminum faces and returns, are lifted which allows the LED lights inside them to shine out the sides and cast a glow around each letter, creating a halo effect.

Why Use Channel Letters?

Illuminated channel letters on the exterior of your business will represent your company well and help communicate a positive brand message. When you invest in custom channel letters that help elevate your image, you’re sending a clear statement that your Riverside business is reputable, trustworthy, and dedicated to providing high-quality products and services.

Some of the top reasons for choosing this effective type of exterior signage include:

Majestic Sign Studio is ready to help your California business create top-quality exterior signage to get your business noticed.

Channel Letters Near You

It’s time to enhance your business or organization with show stopping exterior signs. As a trusted signage partner, Majestic Sign Studio can work with you to create channel letters that will drive more customers through your doors. Using our signage knowledge, we’ll walk you through every step needed, from design, to manufacturing, and installation. Our commitment to our customers means you’ll get unique sign solutions that align with your specific business goals. To learn more about our exterior sign options, contact us.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Sign


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