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Majestic Sign Studio offers numerous types of exterior signage to meet your varying needs. Let us know what you’re thinking for your sign design, and we’ll work within your budget to create the highest-quality, effective exterior signage for your business or organization. Illuminated signs utilize either internal or external light for a bright, visible message to attract customers day or night. Our custom illuminated signs are ideal for hard-to-find buildings and help your business and location be noticed. Traditionally, illuminated signs consist of neon and fluorescent lighting. LED signs, however, are now the most commonly used illuminated signs due to their energy efficiency, durability and minimal required maintenance. See the Top 5 Benefits of LED Signage for more information.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, businesses who add an outdoor LED sign can see a 15-150% increase in sales.

Start Creating Your LED Sign in Corona

Step 1: Basics of Sign Construction

External signs usually consist of:

Step 2: Lighting Options

Light Up Signs For Business in Corona
Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Corona

Step 3: Select Outdoor Sign Materials

Your outdoor sign materials will depend on your mandated signage criteria and design needs.




Step 3: Putting It All Together

Based on your vision and sign criteria, we’ll select a variety of materials and lighting options for your budget and build a custom and eye-catching exterior sign. Here are a few options for your custom illuminated and LED signs in Corona: 

Custom Led Signs Corona, CA

Blade Signs

Blade signs are projected from a building by a pole, and are attached to be perpendicular to your flow of traffic.

Outdoor Business Signage In Corona

Channel Lettering Signs

Channel lettering are constructed of individual three-dimensional letters for a distinct look.

LED Custom Signs - Push Through Acrylic

Push-Through Acrylic Signs

With push-through acrylic signs, your company name and logo are routed through an aluminum sheet, then pushed through the area to create depth.

Lighted outdoor lobby signs

Cabinet Signs

Also called “wall” and “box” signs, cabinet signs are known for their flexibility to be cut into any shape. 

Monument Signs with Dimensional Lettering - Nonprofit Organization, Corona

Monument Signs

Monument signs are large, permanent outdoor signs that are mounted into a base within the ground. 

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5 Benefits of LED Signs

What is an LED Sign? “LED” has been a commonly used term for a while now, but what’s all the hoopla? LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. Unlike an ordinary light bulb, LED doesn’t use a filament to create light, nor does it waste electricity by creating heat as

Frequently Asked Questions

LED signs can last for ten years or longer. However, it’s important to know that when you’re talking about an LED sign’s longevity, you must take the weather it may be exposed to as well as the sign design into account. The longevity of the LED lights themselves isn’t the only factor to determine how long a sign will last.

LED signs do need a power source to run. They can be connected to a building’s electrical wiring, not necessarily through an electrical socket, but there will be wires involved. To ensure the proper installation of an LED sign, the team at Majestic Sign Studio can handle all elements required.

There are many reasons why your LED sign may have stopped working. The power source may be inadequate, there could be a loose connection, or there may be a part that needs replacing. To get your sign working as quickly as possible, contact Majestic Sign Studio to assess the situation and to provide a solution.

Neon signs are considered a bit more fragile since they do use glass tubing. They also require more maintenance. Therefore we always recommend LED over neon.

Not necessarily, but LED doesn’t use much energy and typically lasts a long time, so you don’t have to worry if you do leave them on for an extended period.

The sign itself will be just fine in colder weather, however, storms or extreme weather can affect the longevity of your sign, depending on where you’ve installed it.

This will depend on the size of your LED sign. However, LED signs tend to consume about 1800 watts in a 12-hour period. This is less than a neon sign within the same time. LED signs are also better at retaining brightness over a long period without significantly increasing your energy bill.

The cost to make an LED sign will depend on the size and the complexity of the sign’s design. If you’re interested in an LED sign for your business, please reach out to us. The team at Majestic Sign Studio would be happy to provide an estimate based on your signage needs.

Traditional neon signs can get very hot, and it is recommended that you don’t touch them. Our more modern LED neon signs produce minimal to no heat due to their low voltage, even when left on for long periods. This option can offer a great alternative to the older neon signs people are used to.

LED neon flex lights use LED strips as their internal light source. They are low voltage and use only a small power supply. The tubes have connectors at the ends which are then attached to a compatible power source. The tubes are mounted using clips or mounting channels to keep the tubes in place.


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