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When it comes to wall murals, window clings, and decals, you are really only limited by your imagination. Let Majestic Sign Studio’s team of designers bring your ideas to reality with our one of a kind window, floor, and wall graphics in Corona.

Our window and wall graphics make the most of the unused real estate and surfaces in and around your business. Custom graphics can simply feature your company logo for general awareness, or they can be taken to the next level by showcasing messaging, promotions and other offerings.

Imagine your walls lined with high-quality images showcasing your company products or a timeline that outlines the history of your achievements. There really is no limit to what custom wall murals or window graphics can do when it comes to elevating your business space. Whether you’re looking to create a serene atmosphere or brand a space from floor to ceiling, wall and window signage can make it happen.

Find out what other businesses in town already know—there isn’t a better place to get customized window and wall graphics than right here. Some of the specialty graphics we can create for your business include: 

Vinyl graphics can be installed on your wall, windows, ceilings, and floors. Every space that is traditionally left unused can be optimized for advertising, branding, or marketing purposes!

Many businesses choose to advertise on their storefront window in Corona to attract customers from the street. But, did you know that there are different types of window graphics you can use, all of which serve a different purpose?

What Are Window Graphics?

Restaurant Custom Wall Mural In Corona, CA - Majestic Sign Studio

Window graphics are vinyl window stickers that you can install onto any window surface, as long as it is prepared properly. They can be customized to include elements of your branding and are easy to both install and remove. Businesses frequently use them for advertising products and sales, improving decor, and as additional storefront signage.

Types of Window Graphics

There are six different types of window graphics:

Explore the Uses of Window Graphics

There are many ways to use window graphics to benefit your business. Many people find success in showcasing their products on their storefronts by using custom window graphics. They offer a chance for businesses to tell a story to passersby and help them imagine using their products. With a fantastic design, potential customers can be guided into new stores.

You can also use window graphics on your vehicle. Perforated graphics are required to ensure you have visibility of the road. Small business can expand their operations into neighboring communities by using vehicle advertising as a way of making impressions on people who have never heard of them.

Another option is to use graphics in an office setting as a way to improve the overall decor or add privacy. Frosted window graphics are the most popular choice for office managers because they can blend in seamlessly with the decor and provide an elegant addition to any atmosphere.

Some people choose to keep their graphics functional by using window decals as wayfinding signage or safety signs. However, if a unique design is what you desire, we have talented graphics designers on

staff who can bring your vision to life with custom vinyl window graphics. A customized design that includes elements of your branding is always a good idea if you want to build recognition and make impressions that last. By consistently incorporating your branding, you have a better chance of sticking in people’s minds.

The cost of window graphics will not break the bank, as they are made quickly and with an affordable material. Many people find their own creative ways of using versatile decals to help their business attract more customers and look more professional. If custom business window graphics are not big enough for what you want to achieve, window films or wall murals could be a more suitable solution.

Regardless of what type of vinyl graphics you want to create awareness in Corona, Majestic Sign Studio has experience crafting them all.

Trusted By Talent Custom Wall Murals In Southern California- Majestic Sign Studio

Wall murals & custom wallpaper

Wall murals have increased in popularity with the ability to do custom prints on a large scale. It’s hard to miss a wall mural – which makes them great vehicles for branding, communicating messages, creating culture, and adding creativity. Murals are also very popular because, like custom wallpaper, each one is unique.

Wall mural decals are also a popular option due to their versatility and durability. They can quickly be installed and are easy to maintain by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth. From full wall murals to something more subtle, it’s no wonder that more and more California companies are choosing murals over traditional wall paint.

Did you know it’s now possible to create 3D wall murals and floor graphics in Corona? These quite literally “pop” off the surface on which they’re installed, immediately catching the viewer’s eye. You can even play fun visual “tricks” on visitors – for example, imagine a colorful mural with a sports car appearing to crash through the wall.

Custom wall murals in Corona are surprisingly affordable and definitely diverse. Majestic Sign Studio has had the opportunity to create wall murals for all types of corporate companies, coffee shops, museums, and car dealerships, to name a few.

Adding Designer Wall Murals to Your Business

In order to ensure you get the best results possible, it’s important to work with a signage company that has experience in designing and installing wall murals. Majestic Sign Studio can help you create something that aligns with your brand and truly improves the aesthetics of your space.

Would 3D wall murals be the best way to connect with your customers? Perhaps canvas wall murals would better capture the environment you’re trying to create? Our team would be happy to learn about your vision and then work with you to deliver an end result that exceeds your expectations.

When adding wall murals and wallpapers, some of the things you’ll have to keep in mind include:

Once we’ve designed the best options for your business, we’ll finish the project by professionally installing your murals to ensure there are no bubbles or creases.
Big Things Custom Wall Murals In Southern California- Majestic Sign Studio

Window decals & window clings

As mentioned, we take into consideration your business needs to provide the perfect tailored recommendations. If you don’t have the space or the budget for a 3D wall mural, wall decals are a great alternative. They are still uniquely designed and very versatile in where they can be placed. Another popular choice among businesses are window decals. From a film window decal that can be changed out for seasonal messaging or promotions to more permanent etched window decals, Majestic Sign Studio can provide you with exactly what you need to help your organization build more visibility in Corona.

Majestic Sign Studio | Etched Glass Window Filigree

Upgrade Your Walls and Windows with Majestic Sign Studio

Murals for walls and window decals or clings can be exactly what your business needs to stand out. These custom signage options mean that we can design something unique that’s tailored to your brand and the products or services you provide.

If your Corona, California location could use a new or refreshed image, it’s time to think about how your walls and windows can help enhance your look. What better way to let your customers know you’re proud of what you offer! Majestic Sign Studio has been creating outstanding results for businesses across all industries, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Contact us now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall murals can be created using graphics or images and can cover your wall completely or partially. Available in multiple sizes, wall murals can be printed in any dimension so that they’ll fit in your space perfectly. All our wall murals are printed on high-quality material and are a cost-effective and durable way to enhance your space.

High-quality wall murals that are installed professionally and that receive regular maintenance can last for decades. Maintenance for wall murals is very simple as they only require being wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time. If you want your wall mural to last, working with an experienced sign company is the best place to start.

No, quality wall decals should not damage your paint or the walls beneath the decals. They can gently be removed. If there is some adhesive left behind, you can wipe it off with soap and water and a clean cotton cloth.

A reusable vinyl wall mural is a mural that can be removed and installed in another location. The material chosen for these wall murals makes them easy to install and remove and is ideal for seasonal promotions, event spaces, or for businesses renting a space and not wanting to make permanent changes.

Vinyl wall murals can be used just about anywhere! This type of signage can be customized to suit your space and your design needs. They’re an excellent choice for restaurants and cafes to create the right ambiance, but can also be used to support a professional environment in any business industry.

To start, make sure you know what you want your graphics to accomplish. Window graphics start by creating a design that aligns with your marketing goals. Then, you can choose the finish and the style of your window graphics to ensure they support your brand and provide the benefits you need such as enhanced privacy.

Start by ordering high-quality graphics that will be easy to apply. At Majestic Sign Studio, not only can we print your graphics, but we can professionally install them too. You’ll need to start with a clean glass surface and have the location of the graphics determined so that they can be installed in the right place.

Window graphics can last for many years, their longevity can depend on their sun exposure. While the material of the graphics may be just fine, you might notice some color fading due to high-level UV rays. However, even in direct sunlight, high-quality window graphics should last for several years.

The cost of window graphics will depend on a few things such as the amount of graphic design needed, the material used, size, and installation method. Majestic Sign Studio can work with you to provide a quote and help you determine the best options for your budget. Whether you need one window graphic or several, our team can help.

Window advertising is important because it makes use of something you’re already paying for! The windows of your business present a great opportunity to advertise what you offer and are often seen by hundreds of people every day. Not only do they offer a promotional opportunity, but they can also enhance your overall image and attract more attention.


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