If you think a lot of your customers are passing by your business location and you want to make them aware of your presence, then a monument sign is the best choice to do that. Monument Signs are considered one of the best tools to catch the attention of your potential customers. All you must do is focus on factors like quality, creativity and clarity of a monument sign and it will deliver you the results for a very long time. Do not consider it as just another sign on a stone, custom monument signs in Santa Ana, CA represents how you want to present your business to your potential customers. You must believe that monument signs are the carriers of your message to the customers.

Monument Signs are structured on a strong base contrary to other outdoor business signs which are mounted on buildings. They can be installed on corporate campuses, hospitals, shopping centers etc. There is no shortage of design options when it comes to custom monument signs in Santa Ana, CA as they can be created with concrete, bricks or any other material that is used to make custom outdoor signs.

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5 Different Types Of Monument Signs In Santa Ana, CA?

Outdoor Directory Signs

The most common application of these signs is in retail areas, alleys of shopping malls and mainly outside residential apartments. The outdoor directory signs are not great with advertising, but they guide visitors in the right direction. Getting your business listed on outdoor directory signs ensures that your customers reach you without any hassle.   

Architectural Monument Signs

They are those large ground-mounted signs which are generally placed outside of a Luxury Hotel, Shopping Mall, Hospitals, and Apartments. The main purpose of architectural monument signs is to get the attention of the people passing by as well as showcasing the type of structure they represent. They are created on a concrete or bricks background and the design can be matched with the theme of the building as there are limitless designs available.  

Digital Monument Signs

As the name suggests, digital monument signs have digital displays installed in place of sign letters. They are the most interactive type of Outdoor Lighted Business Signs in Santa Ana, CA. With a digital display, one has the advantage of showcasing different messages at the same time.  They also deliver the highest engagement in retail areas, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and entertainment centers.   

Post and Panel Signs

These signs are very straight forward and are used more for directional purposes rather than promotional signs. Post and Panel Signs can be made from different materials and that depends on the placement of the sign. Anyone passing by can quickly get the idea of the things near him. They can also be lighted to perform better at night.   

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are made to be seen by passing vehicles and pedestrians to get information about multiple retail outlets in a shopping complex or a similar scenario. They are those tall thick business signs that are generally filled with multiple business logos. Pylon Signs these days are lighted from within to provide clear information during night.

These are the major types of Monument Signs, but there are countless types due to the vast variety of materials that can be used to make them. A professional sign company can provide you with unlimited design options, but before you decide that, look at the advantages that monument signs can bring to your business.

Benefits of Monument Signs in Santa Ana, CA

Consistent Advertising

For an advertisement to perform well, consistency plays a big part. The customer needs to connect to a brands’ message for the message to sink in. With other traditional forms of advertisement maintaining consistency is very difficult and you will have to invest more money to keep it going. By investing in a Custom Monument Sign, the results are endless. 

Amplify Your Message Towards Local Audience

Monument signs are great for targeting your local population. A good monument sign will always gather attention from people passing by which increases their chances of becoming a potential customer for your business.

Target Different Age Groups

As monument signs last for a very long time it helps businesses to make an identity that is associated with the sign. They grab attention from anyone who is passing by and thus increases the probability of becoming customers in the future. A person who is watching a monument sign from his/her childhood can become a customer one day.

Qualified Installers

You should always ask about the qualification of people who are going to install vehicle wraps. Installing a commercial vehicle wrap is not easy and if it is not done properly it might reduce the life of the wrap. Having certified installers in the team ensures that you will receive quality work. You can find details about their work by looking at their previous projects too.
Custom Monument Sign Lettering

Custom Monument Signs in Santa Ana, CA is a great choice for outdoor advertising. Once you install the perfect monument signs outside your facility, visitors will start coming in and then with the help of your indoor signs, they can be guided in the right direction.   

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