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Does your park, city building, shopping center, or business have landscaped property sitting in front of it? Why not fill up that space with a distinguished monument sign?

Research shows that adding one monument sign yields an average revenue increase of 9.3%.

Majestic Sign Studio can provide you with a professional and elegant looking custom monument sign in Corona. We have many styles and textures to choose from. We can replicate the look of stone, stucco, brick, and more, with faux textures. No one will ever know the difference! You can have the sophistication and elegance of a traditional monument sign without the high cost!

Majestic Sign Studio will also assist you with the burden of obtaining the permit requirements to satisfy city regulations.

We have standard monument sign models you can utilize or you can have one of our graphic designers come up with something custom for your unique monument sign

Monument Signs Portfolio

Here are a few examples of Majestic Sign Studios’ Monument Signs for our clients. Click on an image to enlarge.

Frequently Asked Questions

A monument-style sign is a free-standing ground-level sign that is placed out front of a business or at the end of a driveway to attract attention. These types of signs are highly visible to people driving or walking by and make businesses easy to find. Choose from brick-and-mortar construction, stone, stainless steel, HDU, or other durable materials.

Types of monument signs include illuminated monument signs, double-sided monument signs, digital monument signs, individual monument signs, or monument signs that highlight more than one business. You can choose your material, size, and design, allowing each sign to be customized to suit your business needs. The best sign design often comes down to placement and brand alignment.

The cost of a monument sign in southern California will come down to the complexity of the design and the materials you choose. Adding illumination can increase the cost, but will provide greater visibility, including into the evening hours. Contact Majestic Sign Studio and we can provide quotes based on your budget and your needs.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we do our best to work within customer timelines. Our commitment to quality ensures that our signs are always durable and well made, which means we won’t cut corners. Depending on materials used, complexity, and sign placement, delivery time can vary. Please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

The most common material used for monument signs are concrete, stucco, aluminum, stone, steel, sandblasted wood, HDU or brick. The best material for your monument sign will depend on the design you want and where the sign will be placed. Ideally, your monument sign should complement your brand so choosing a material that aligns with your image is the best option.

Monument signs can play an important role in increasing your visibility within your southern California community. A well-designed monument sign can often become a community landmark. Also, depending on where your business is located, these signs make it much easier for people to find your location, making it easier for them to do business with you.

A freestanding monument sign is a detached sign that’s installed in front of your business or business entrance and is not attached to a building or other fixture. The sign is attached to a solid base or structural frame that’s cemented into the ground. Typically, there is little to no space between the ground and the sign.

Some of the advantages of a monument sign include the professional image it helps project for your company, its permanence, and its ability to act as a business landmark. These signs offer a significant presence that helps build a positive image and credibility with your community. They’re also highly customizable which means you can get the look you want for your brand.

Monument signs are large in stature. They can range from six to 15 feet wide and four to nine feet high. The right size of monument sign for your southern California business will depend on the location it will be installed, zoning laws, the design you want, and the material you choose.

If you’re looking for a modern monument sign design, consider using illumination, a digital element, or having a sign that’s an irregular shape or size. Mixing materials or adding artistic elements can also help deliver a modern look that many businesses look for today. Majestic Sign Studio loves working with clients on unique designs!


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