What is an LED Sign?

“LED” has been a commonly used term for a while now, but what’s all the hoopla? LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. Unlike an ordinary light bulb, LED doesn’t use a filament to create light, nor does it waste electricity by creating heat as a byproduct. LED is popular because it’s more efficient and less costly in usage compared to light bulbs.

LED signs are named for their use of LED, as opposed to ordinary light bulbs, to create bright displays, while also being energy efficient, long-lasting and low maintenance.

Why LED Signs Are Better for Business


1. Energy Efficient

Fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs emit light and heat in all directions. LED, however, emits light in a specific direction and can thus use energy and light more efficiently.

2. Brighter Than Any Other Illuminated Sign

LED signage makes messages pop and enhances the appearance of the brand and location. LED signs are the brightest of illuminated signs–this means that your target market can see your business sign from much further away.

3. One of the Least Expensive Forms of Advertising

According to the Small Business Administration, signs in general are considered to be one of the least expensive forms of advertising for a business. And, did you know that LED signs have a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of as little as $0.15?

4. Completely Customizable

Let’s not forget the benefits of customizing your colors and message. With LED signs, you can pretty much use any color, or variety of colors, you want to showcase your branding. You can also choose between color or monochrome LED signs (color is better for pictures, and monochrome is a better choice for text only signs).

5. Simpler Installation & Maintenance 

LED signs are light and easy to transport, making them much easier to install than some of the traditional illuminated sign options. Because an LED sign is created with sealed clusters of LEDs, more accurately known as pixels, they are low-maintenance. Even if a few LEDs burn out, the sealed pixels allow for the sign to continue running without immediate repair.

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