ADA Compliant Braille Signs Corona, CA

Get your business legal and accessible to all with ADA compliant interior signage.

Count on a sign expert for your ADA signage in Corona. Majestic Sign Studio offers a comprehensive line of custom ADA compliant signs for building interiors to ensure your business or organization remains ADA compliant. With our extensive experience in manufacturing compliant ADA signage and knowledge of legal requirements, you can rest easy knowing your interior signs are manufactured to governmental design regulations.

All Majestic Sign Studio interior signs are skillfully manufactured in-house using the latest technology.  

What are ADA compliant signs?

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Act guarantees that people with disabilities can navigate through and have access throughout all buildings. All state and local government facilities, commercial facilities and any place of public accommodation
must adhere to certain enforceable design guidelines.

ADA signs refer to architectural facility signs that must be compliant with ADAAG (ADA Accessibility Guidelines).
An architectural building sign must comply with ADA if it identifies, informs about or directs to: 

Who are ADA compliant signs for?

ADA signs are meant to serve anyone with a disability, including hearing, visual and mobile impairments.

ADA compliant signs are required by law for all for all public buildings, including:

Make your business accessible & functional for all.

What makes an ADA sign compliant?

There are several factors that make an interior sign compliant with ADA.

Here are a few: 

Custom ADA Compliant Signs

Majestic Sign Studio offers a full range of top quality ADA interior signs, including both standard and custom ADA signage in Corona.

Custom Facility Signs

Custom Office Signs

Identifying Signs

Directional Signs


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