One of the most current and relevant forms of advertising on the market, especially in the congested freeway filled society of Southern California, is car advertising via vinyl wraps. Presenting your potential clientele with quality artistry wrapped around your car, truck or fleet, is a sleek way to implement branding.



Now, we’ve all heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression” –it’s human nature to pass judgement on the quality of a product based on the quality of a company’s advertising. That’s why selecting the right company to create and install a new vinyl vehicle wrap is important. Here are three key points to consider for quality car wrapping.

1. Reputable installers use the best materials and have good technique.

A good vehicle wrap installer will offer durable wraps with UV protection. Do your research on different types of wraps to get an understanding of what you want, including the wrap brand, finish (glossy vs. matte) and type (full, ¾, ½, or decals).

A vehicle wrap company should also have ability to wrap varying surfaces (curved, uneven, etc.). Always ask for samples of an installer’s past work, especially those that are similar in shape and texture to the surfaces you’re intending to wrap. Photos on a website are great, but are they all photos of box trucks and you want to wrap a minivan? The skill and technique required for each vehicle and surface vary based on the vehicle you’re wrapping.

2. Quality installers have experience and anticipate challenges.

Wrapping your vehicle is an investment, so it’s important to feel comfortable with the company creating and installing your wrap. With the variety of vehicles, technologies and possible wrap designs, you should know if your potential installer is capable of your project. A good installer is their own biggest critic–understand how they plan on anticipating challenges or potential flaws in the wrapping process, and know about potential fees ahead of time.

To ensure you’re going with an competent installer, ask questions about their work experience:

  • Are the installers certified?
  • How many vehicles have they wrapped?
  • What kinds of vehicles do they have experience wrapping?
  • Have they encountered obstacles in the past?
  • How did they overcome them?

3. Good vehicle wrap installation companies stay on top of trends.

Do your homework! You wouldn’t purchase outdated technology for your company, so don’t accept sub-par materials, tools or techniques. Ask them questions about their processes:

  • How are the wraps cut?
  • Do they know how to work with recesses?
  • Do they know how to bridge and stretch vinyl?
  • How do they align the graphics?

You plan on investing in your business and advertising, and you want it to last and continue to grab attention in the long-run. Make sure the company you’re selecting is using quality materials to do just that.

Apply these considerations to your search and you should be pleased in the quality of your investment, resulting in:

  1. Longevity for your wrap and long-term advertising at an affordable one-time cost.
  2. Seamless application with no rips, tears or bubbling.
  3. A great first impression of your company that generates brand awareness for your business or organization.

For more resources on vehicle wraps, click here.



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