Marketing matters. It’s crucial for your business success. But, as small business owners, we understand the true value behind hard-earned dollars and cents.

“Low-budget marketing” doesn’t have to mean flimsy marketing strategy. You can get the most from your small marketing budget by planning, prioritizing and getting creative. See how with our low-budget marketing tips and ideas for small and new businesses.

Figure out how much you can spend

Businesses usually allocate a percentage of their revenues for marketing and advertising. This percentage depends on your industry and business size.

See this article on setting up a marketing budget (via U.S. Small Business Association) to learn more.

Nail down your corporate design

Your corporate design is probably the most important portion of marketing budget. Corporate design is the crux for graphic design and marketing materials.

Get started by reflecting on your company’s mission and values. This should guide the overall look and feel you want for your business. You can then brainstorm your company color scheme, fonts, and logo. Here are a few of our graphic design blog posts that can help:

Remember to keep your design consistent. Your corporate graphics can (and should) be used across your print, promotional and digital marketing.

Low-Budget Marketing Sign Ideas

Once you have your corporate design done and ready to use, you can figure out what to do with the rest of your marketing budget. Plan your campaigns  around sales and products you want to promote for the year.

When it comes to marketing, it’s always good to think outside the box. Don’t just consider print graphics, online and magazine ads and your website. Signs are a successful form of advertising because they offer a wide range of reach. Often times, you trade a one-time cost for long-term exposure and presence.

Here are some low-budget marketing sign ideas your business can use:

Window and wall decals are a unique and affordable way to promote your business while enhancing the interior and exterior aesthetic of your building.

Window decals have numerous benefits for businesses, and wall decals are the perfect way to differentiate your business while showcasing some creativity. Spark your inspiration by checking out our wall mural design ideas.

Car, truck, van and fleet wraps are another affordable form of advertising for small businesses. You can easily capitalize on time spent on the road with a vehicle wrap, making them ideal for the service industry (dog groomers, food delivery, catering, plumbing, heating & cooling, etc.).

Wrap advertising is one of most effective forms of outdoor advertising. You can even measure your ROI on your wrap—learn how here.

Custom vinyl banners are an affordable method temporary signage. They’re great for promoting new businesses and sales. Ideal for retail stores.

Event signage isn’t just for trade shows. Repurpose your signage in or outside your store, or benefit from the ease-of-use that comes with retractable banners to advertise and promote your business.

With 2016 nearing an end, you can spend your leftover marketing budget on some of these low-cost materials to get a running start for 2017!


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