Wall murals offer a chance to create unique surroundings for your home or business. You can display your creativity while transforming your kitchen, basement or kid’s rooms, create an inviting environment for your business’s meeting rooms or lunch areas, and enhance your corporate lobby while also reinforcing your company’s branding. The best thing about wall murals is that you can let your imagination come to life. Here are some wall mural design ideas to help spark your inspiration.

Create Scenery

Set your own scene and transport yourself to a whole new place. Using wall murals to depict nature scenes is a good way to create a calming environment. Step into tranquility with a forest, beach, waterfall, garden, sky, sunset or an underwater wall mural. Or, admire the city lights from your couch with a beautiful city scape.

Scene -Wall mural

Add Texture

Have you ever wanted a stone or brick wall but didn’t want to go through the hassle of actually assembling it? Avoid the time, mess and money by using a custom wallpaper to create an effortless brick, wood, stone or tile look.  You can also create texture by pulling from real life objects and elements such as peacock feathers, leaves, or raindrops. You can enhance the décor of your room by incorporating different colors in varied grains.  Create an accent wall by using your favorite pattern, such as a stained glass, for a dynamic display.

Texture Wall Mural


Themes can work great in restaurants, gyms and homes, and are perfect for kid and baby rooms. Create a whimsical atmosphere with a circus, fairy tale, safari or jungle theme. Dive into your favorite book by illustrating the cover or story. Draw from your hobbies, whether it be sports, movies, dancing, fishing, cars or video games to personalize your space.

Theme Wall Mural


Display your favorite photos on your wall space! Showcase your own photographs and create a collage of your favorite scenes. Or, use your favorite family photo or cherished snap for a truly unique wall display in your home, office or business.

Photographs Wall Murals

Display Quotes

Quotes are a great way to create a positive environment. Display your company’s mission statement in your lobby or have a note of encourage to your employees in the breakroom. Provide a daily dose of motivation for gym goers or place your favorite quote in your home office.

Art     Quotes Wall Murals

Show off your creative flare with a piece of art that encompasses your entire wall space. An abstract design can add a bold and modern touch to any business or home. You can evoke any emotion or build any atmosphere you desire—the possibilities are endless.

Art walls Wall Murals

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