Signage is an important element of your promotional marketing mix. There are numerous types of signs that can offer different benefits to your business. One of the most underutilized types of business signage is window decals. If you’d like to see how you can economically enhance your brand visibility and attract customers, check out these 5 benefits of window decals for businesses.

1. Window decals are an affordable way to advertise.

Window decals are extremely affordable, which makes them a great choice for storefront advertising. Window promotion displays have a low cost per impression compared to other types of signage. Plus, window decals don’t require city permits, eliminating the time and money necessary to get them. A window decal display would serve well to promote discounts, new product releases, or other new information. It becomes more cost effective if the information you’re displaying doesn’t have to change too often.

Window Decals

2. Window decals can be used as supportive branding.

Interior and exterior vinyl decals add aesthetic branding to any office, lobby or storefront. Windows are a great place to emphasize your brand and execute your branding strategy. When used in conjunction with other exterior signage, branded decals can offer a sleek, professional storefront that garners attention.

Window Decals

3. Window decals highlight important information.

Window decals can have elements that change seasonally. Vinyl decals can be used to advertise new services, seasonal specials, store hours, important notices and more.

Window Decals

4. Window decals provide the opportunity for unique design.

An original vinyl design is a great opportunity to garner the attention of passersby and get people interested in your store. Your design can highlight what you do in a creative way, and can also be a way to attract customers to the solution for their problem. For example, if your store fixes cell phones, you can utilize your storefront to display an illusion of a cracked phone screen. By showing your capabilities with your design, you’re bound to reach your target market more effectively.

Your decal can also be designed to entice customers. This is especially effective for restaurants and food services—instead of having to deal with real store-front displays, opt for a beautifully designed window decal to get your message across in a more visible and attractive way.

Window Decals

5. Window decals make use of unused real estate.

You can profit from your unused real estate. By adding promotions, creative designs, logos, relevant quotes and messages, attractive images and more, you can easily expand your visibility and reach for your business. Window decals also have added benefits of providing some extra privacy to the inside of your store.

Window decals for businesses are a small investment that could have great positive impact on your storefront visibility and customer attraction. Start taking advantage today.

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