Property owners and business owners in Corona, California share the common goal of wanting to attract more people to their location. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your property more attractive and welcoming without a major remodel or renovation. In particular, monument signs can function as an affordable and custom outdoor sign solution that can make your location more visible to customers, visitors and even potential tenants too.

Even though most people have GPS-equipped vehicles or phones that help them locate everything they need, the importance of quality exterior signs can’t be ignored. Potential customers may be using a map to get to your address, but there is nothing more frustrating and unwelcoming than struggling to figure out if you’re in the right place. Today’s technology doesn’t change the fact that using monument signs in Corona is a wise decision, and one that will help you grow your business.

Top Benefits Offered By Custom Monument Signs

If you always want your building, plaza or commercial location to be easily found, the solution lies in the form of a monument sign. For those unfamiliar, a monument sign is a freestanding, exterior sign that lists the names of businesses within a building or it can simply be used by one particular business. In addition to being a very functional sign, monument signs showcase that your property is professional and offers high quality products and services. They’re an excellent option for a custom outdoor sign as they can be designed in almost any way, including being illuminated, allowing you to easily express the feel of your property.

If you’re a property manager and want to attract more tenants, monument signs can help in the following ways:

  • Quality, professional signage lets prospective tenants know that the overall property is well maintained.
  • When the property already has effective signage, prospective tenants will assume that making sure the facility is well known is a priority. A building that is easier to find results in greater customer traffic, which translates into greater sales.

If you want to attract more customers to your location, monument signs provide the following benefits:

  • An impressive monument sign will help you become a fixture in your community.
  • Monument signs get seen by the thousands of cars that drive by every day. Turn just a small percentage of those people into customers and you’ll improve your sales.
  • Improvement in your company’s overall visibility, helping you increase brand awareness.

Monument Signs Are The Exterior Signs Your Business Needs

Monument signs from Majestic Sign Studio are a fantastic way to help your business grow. Custom outdoor signs can truly make your business stand out and rise above the competition. Contact us and let our team present monument sign options that will support your business goals. From attracting more tenants to driving customer traffic, if you’re ready to improve how Corona views your business, call us at (951) 900-3253.


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