Custom Outdoor Business Building Signs & Signage in Corona

Brand your building in the best way possible with outdoor business signs and other outdoor store signs from Majestic Sign Studio.

From light up signs for business to customized exterior signs, there are many different types of outdoor business signs you can use to attract people’s attention and give your business the professional look it needs. Whether it’s an outdoor store sign on the exterior of your space or your company name boldly illuminated using channel letters, we have a solution for your business that will fit your needs and your budget. As the signage industry continues to evolve, there are increasingly new and interesting ways to use signage to differentiate your business space and make your brand stand out.


Outdoor Business Signs Attract Customers

Did you know that local businesses report that 85% of their customers live or work in a 5-mile radius of their location? That means you have a huge opportunity to put your brand in front of potential customers multiple times per month! Light up signs for business and most other types of outdoor business signs offer a lower cost per impression than billboards, television, or newspaper ads because business signs offer longer-term exposure to a relevant audience at a cost that just can’t be beat.


Your Business Can Benefit From Great Exterior Business Signs

Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, boutique, hair salon, or any other type of business, an impactful and well-designed sign is critical. Majestic Sign Studio has a proven track record when it comes to creating outdoor business signs that draw in customers and raise brand awareness. We can’t wait to help you get started with your exterior business sign!

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Here are some popular outdoor signage options to consider:

  • Marquee sign.

  • LED sign.

  • Illuminated signs.

  • Channel letters.

  • Push-through acrylic signs.

  • Post and panel signs.

  • Monument signs.

  • Cabinet signs.

  • Back-lit/halo-lit signs.

Majestic Sign Studio Knows Retail Signage

Retail giants like Best Buy have reported that 17% of their customers came in as a result of their outdoor business sign! That’s an incredible return on investment. Interested in having that be your ROI too? Not just any signage will deliver those results though. Thankfully, Majestic Sign Studio has the experience to help you create signs that can drive more customers through the door. To get started, here are a few quick tips to consider for your retail sign:

  • Focus on the goal of getting more attention from your target market.
  • Remember to use a clear and simple message.
  • Choose an easy to read font.
  • Place the sign where customers (walkers and/or drivers) will see it.
  • Be original while staying consistent with your brand identity.

Regardless of industry, if your business is looking for outstanding exterior signage to help improve your success, contact Majestic Sign Studio and let us create effective signage that delivers results – it’s what we do best!

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