Business building signs should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. A great sign that stands out can attract people to your business and foster a positive first impression of your company. Illuminated building signs are essential for any business open late at night or early in the morning, as they’ll ensure that customers can find you even if it’s dark outside. However, they effectively attract attention to your business, regardless of your working hours.

Illuminated Building Signs

Sign Readability

The core advantage of an illuminated sign is that its readable at night and from further distances than a non-illuminated sign. A bright sign catches the attention of people driving past your building and even brings in foot traffic. Remember that if you’re a local business, most of your customers likely live or work within five miles of your storefront. A highly readable sign will catch their attention and let them know that your business is nearby when they’re walking or driving around town.

Building Presence

People drive by your building all the time, which means you have many opportunities to make a positive impression and raise brand awareness. An illuminated building sign is a form of constant advertising. What’s more, if your business is new, or in a busy or difficult to find location, a bright sign will help people remember where you’re located and find you more easily.

Marketing With Big ROI

The advertising potential of your building sign comes at a reasonable cost. Branded business building signs provide a relatively low cost per impression, which means you’ll get a sizeable return on your investment. For your initial investment, your building sign will work hard to advertise and promote your company for years.

People Love Visuals

You shouldn’t overlook the potential for illuminated business signs to help you connect with your customers. People respond strongly to visuals and many will make an instant decision to enter your business just by looking at your signage. Building signs are powerful tools, so make sure your signage is high-quality and properly reflects your branding goals.

Contact Majestic Sign Studio For Illuminated Building Signs

Majestic Sign Studio can design and create business building signs that promote your brand and help customers find your business. We have many options for custom illuminated building signs, including back-lit, halo-lit and LED signs. Contact us to discuss your vision and arrange a complimentary signage consultation.


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