There are so many types of outdoor signage. The elements of a custom sign, including the sign placement, material, design, color scheme, lighting effects and more, can contribute to its effectiveness in attracting attention for your business or organization.

A lot of the time, certain sign criterion will be pre-determined by rules and regulations set forth by the City and land owner. This helps narrow down your choices, but there are still several factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing an exterior sign:

  1. Illuminated outdoor signs versus non-illuminated outdoor signs.
  2. Sign placement per your business location.
  3. Types of outdoor signage.

To help determine the best type of outdoor sign to create brand awareness and bring in business, look to this helpful guide.


Types of outdoor signage for your business.
  • For readable signage, opt for illuminated channel letters or non-illuminated dimensional lettering.
  • To add prominence to your building or to help people find a hard-to-locate building, consider a monument sign.
  • For dynamic sign design, look at push-through acrylic signs.
  • If you’re looking for an economic solution to provide directions, instructions or location identification, consider a post and panel sign.
  • If your signage goal is to illustrate a brand or legacy, try a cabinet sign.
  • For stores located in malls and complexes looking to stop foot traffic, get a blade sign.

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Deciding on the best outdoor signage type is the first and perhaps the most crucial step in picking an exterior sign. Once you understand the various outdoor sign types, you can choose the best type for your business or organization. You can then move on to bringing your design to life by selecting your sign materials, lighting effects (if any), and colors.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we offer a ton of options to choose from and our expert team of designers can customize the signage to meet your expectations. We follow a consultative approach and believe in providing a unique and viable solution to our client’s problem. All our signs are made from the best in class materials that ensure premium finish and durability. Contact us today for any signage requirements in Corona and nearby areas.

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