Business signs are a crucial element to your marketing mix. With a one-time investment, you create long-term exposure to your business and brand. That being said, you want your one-time investment to provide a positive return. You’ll need to take certain key steps in your planning process to make sure your business sign will be effective for decades to come.  So, what’s the key to effective signs? Read on to find out.

Effective Signs Are Strategic

Like with any of your marketing and advertising, your business signage should be strategic. The elements of your sign design need to have some significance, and should be tied back to your internal goals and brand image. To be strategic in your sign investment, be clear on the goals you have for your signage.

Sign Goals

Before you get your business signage, ensure your sign and design will meet the sign goals of impression, promotion and impact. Each of these sign goals should be tied back to your overarching strategic goals as a company.

This checklist can help:

Effective Signs Chart

1. Impression

You want your sign to effectively attract your target audience, so put things in their perspective: what does your sign say about your business? And what do you want it to say? Is there a gap between the two? You want to make it as easy as possible for people to figure out who you are and what you do as soon as they glance at your sign. That way, your sign is working to position your brand in the minds of potential local customers.

To help achieve a good impression with your sign, consider its readability and how your branding is communicated. A sign that’s readable, with impactful visual elements and a harmonious design create a good first impression. Consider your color scheme and typography and ensure each sign element is chosen with your brand image in mind.

See the best color combinations for readability.

Learn about the psychology of color in business.

See more on picking a font type.

2. Promotion

The purpose of a sign is to convey a message. Usually, that message is promoting the existence of your business to attract customers looking for your product or service. The end goal is to bring in customers and generate revenue. To get there, consider how you’re promoting your business. Is your sign placed in an optimal area for visibility?

The type of sign you choose and your sign design will also contribute to how well you’re promoting your business. Each type of sign has a benefit that they could offer your business, so be sure to choose the best type of sign to suit your business goals. Your sign design should be clear in communicating your intended message. Your sign type and design should be tailored to your target audience, in an effort to resonate with them.

3. Impact

Creative sign design helps you capitalize on your investment by making an impact. If your sign is not only effective in its visibility and message, but also in its ability to be positively remembered, your sign will pay off and continually contribute to your business success.

Create impact with your sign design and sign materials. Your sign design (which may be dependent upon your sign type) is an area of opportunity—see how you can incorporate branding in a striking way. You can enhance certain elements with your chosen sign material with paint or other sign finish.

When choosing a sign company, consider one with the skill and product offering to take your sign to the next level and bring your ideas to life.

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