With a large variety of signage options available, it’s important to choose a sign company that will help achieve your business’s vision and goals. Here are some tips on how to choose the right sign company.

1. Determine What You Want

A good place to start is to get an understanding of what you want from your signage. What designs have you seen that you’ve liked? Are you interested in a certain material? Go online and search for examples of signage (Pinterest is a great source), or if you see certain business signage you like, ask the business where they got it from. By developing a library of inspiration, you’ll be able to effectively communicate what you’re looking for, and weed out the companies that can’t produce what you want.

2. Understand What You Need

A good sign company should be your partner and work with you to achieve what you need, with the best materials possible for your budget. Take some time to consider what those needs are, including the cost, quality and services you’re looking for. A lot of companies do more than just create the signage—some also assist with design, installation, permits, and long-term maintenance. By figuring out what your requirements are in advance, you’ll be able to ensure they’re met.

3. Do Your Research on Each Sign Company

Based on what you want and need for your signage, start researching multiple sign companies in your area. First, look for basic qualifications:

  • Do they have a contractor’s license?
  • Are electrical components (for illuminated signs) UL certified?
  • Do they work within signage regulations?

To help determine their quality, look at your potential company’s portfolio to see their work, and look up reviews via Yelp, Facebook, or Google+. Reach out to multiple companies and get numerous quotes so you can see who can work with your budget. Ask questions about their operations, including which materials they use, how their processes work, and how long lead times are. Also be sure to look for local promotions and discounts to help save some money.

By determining what you want, understanding what you need, and doing your research, you’ll be able to decide on the best sign company for your needs. If you’re looking for signage for your company or organization, including exterior building signs, interior business signs, vehicle wraps, window and wall graphics, monument signs, event signs, trade show displays or graphic design and printing services, contact us—we’re ready to work with you.


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