Outdoor Business Sign Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Having outdoor business signs is a great first step in helping your business get recognized but ensuring that those signs accurately represent your brand and what you offer goes one step further towards finding success.  Unfortunately, many Irvine businesses aren’t using the right exterior building signs which only leads to customers missing them entirely or taking away the wrong message.

Since the goal of exterior signage is to attract as much attention as possible and to increase customer traffic, you need to choose signs that elevate your brand image as much as possible. High quality outdoor business signs in Irvine that encourage customers to engage with your brand will build trust and loyalty which can translate into additional sales.

Outdoor Business Signs That Will Get You Noticed

When choosing exterior signage, it’s so important to select a sign that will resonate with your audience and amplify your brand image. In addition to sign design, be sure to work with a trusted Corona sign company that can help you determine sign placement, illumination and installation, all factors that are critical to how effective your exterior building signs will be.

Some of the best outdoor signage options to improve your brand awareness include:

  1. Channel letters.

These three-dimensional letters improve brand visibility and add a professional touch that’s hard to ignore.  Projecting out from your exterior, the dimension increases your profile and can create an even bigger impact when illuminated.

  1. Monument signs.

For outdoor business signs in Irvine that help integrate your brand with your community, consider a monument sign. These signs, made from either brick, concrete, wood, or high-density foam, often become a community landmark and certainly make it much easier for people to find your location.

  1. Post & panel signs.

This outdoor business sign option offers a lot of versatility. Your brand can be featured in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can choose a durable material that matches your business aesthetic. A great way to welcome customers, your brand will be out in the forefront from the moment people arrive at your location.

Outdoor Business Signs in Irvine from Majestic Sign Studio

You want your outdoor signage to deliver a strong brand message in order to cement your business in the minds of your customers. For professional signage that amplifies your brand, contact Majestic Sign Studio. As a full-service sign company serving Corona, Irvine and surrounding areas, we can help with all your indoor and outdoor signage needs. Our high-quality custom signs will bring your brand to life and help you get noticed. To find out more working together, request a quote today!


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