First impressions are everything. What does your lobby say when a future customer or client walks in? If the answer isn’t what you’d hoped for, check out our lobby design ideas to see how you can make a better first impression for your brand.

Interior Signs

If you want a professional appearance, a custom interior sign is a way to go. Your company name, logo, or a combination of the two are common for interior lobby and office signs.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your signage. There are many materials and finishes that you can use, as well as mounting and lighting options.

Here are some lobby design ideas using interior signs as a focal point:

  • Minimalist branding with dimensional lettering.
    Lobby design ideas_dimensional lettering interior sign


  • Sleek branding with a brushed metal sign; ideal for professional firms (realtor offices, lawyer offices, engineering firms, manufacturing headquarters, etc.).
    Lobby design ideas_interior brushed metal sign






  • Be unique with acrylic signs, which can be laser cut for any design.
    Lobby design ideas_Laser-Cut-Acrylic-Gateway-Legal-Group






  • Get creative with a digital overlay. A digital print can be used with several types of sign materials.
    Lobby design ideas_digital overlay interior sign 1Lobby design ideas_digital overlay interior sign 2







See more lobby sign examples.


Vinyl decals are an economical way to add pizazz and branding to your lobby. Decals can go on the wall, floor, windows, or even on the receptionist desk. Here are some ideas for what you can do with decals in your lobby.

  • Logo decals draw attention and emphasize your brand.
    Lobby Design Ideas - Logo decals






  • Adding a motivational quote helps create an affirmative environment.
    Lobby design ideas_Motivational quote decal






  • Stating your company’s mission statement and/or values promotes positive company culture.
    Lobby design ideas_company culture decals






  • Using decals as custom wallpaper is an easy way to add an aesthetic design to your walls or trim.
    Lobby design ideas_custom wallpaper decals






Wall Murals

You can take decals a step further and opt for a full-on wall mural for your lobby. Wall murals give you the chance to easily transform any space, as well as the unique opportunity to set the tone and atmosphere of your business. And best of all—they’re fun!

Take your lobby to the next level with some of these wall mural ideas:

  • Illustrate company culture.
    Lobby design ideas_company culture wall mural






  • Display important charts and infographics.
    Lobby design ideas_charts and infographics wall mural






  • Create a transformative space.
    Lobby design ideas_wall mural transform space







Ready to spruce up your lobby interior and start impressing clients? Get a free quote on an interior lobby sign, lobby decals or wall murals.


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