A car, trailer, van or fleet wrap is an extension of your brand image. Keeping your vinyl wrap pristine and polished is just as important as keeping your storefront clean and presentable. See how to continually produce a favorable return on your marketing dollars with these 3 principles of proper vinyl wrap care.

1. Say “No” to Sun.

UV rays from the sun can fade your wrap, or make it peel/bubble. To keep your wrap in it’s “just-like-new” condition, make every effort to reduce sun exposure. Keep your wrapped vehicle in the garage, park under shade, or cover the vehicle when not in use. When you must park in the sun, try to park in a different direction every time–doing this will prevent the wrap from fading on just one side of your vehicle. So if your parking spot at work is against a wall, make sure you flip the car around every other morning and afternoon in respect to where the sun is shining.

2. Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

Treat your vinyl wrap like an expensive sports car. You never see a convertible, or a Ferrari go through the gas station car wash, nor do you see those cars get pressure washed. Automatic car washes and pressure washing are detrimental to your paint job, and absolutely damaging to a vinyl wrap. The flaps on automatic car washes often transfer debris and can scratch and dull your wrap.

The best way to keep your wrap in tip-top shape is to wash it by hand.

  • Rinse all debris off before washing.
  • Rinse/wash from top to bottom.
  • Use mild soap.
  • Wash gently (no hard scrubbing).
  • Don’t let the soap dry on.
  • Let the vehicle air-dry after washing.
  • Touch up with a microfiber cloth.

3. Wax on, Wax off.

You can enhance the appearance of your vehicle advertisement with waxes, but always be careful of the products you use on your wrap. Read the labels to make sure you’re never applying a carnauba-based wax, or other types of wax, polish or matte containing petroleum distillates or carbon fiber. Instead, use a silicone- or Teflon-based coating, specifically designed for wraps.

There are a lot of sprays available that provide added UV protection to your wrap (on top of the inherent UV protection most all wraps have). As-needed applications of UV and other protectant sprays can be used on hot summer days, or under extreme weather conditions.


Remember these 3 vinyl wrap care principles, and you’ll see your vinyl wrap continually work in favor for your brand.

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