Illuminated business signs (or signs that light up) are favored among businesses and organizations due to their striking appearance and ability to garner looks from passersby. Most opt for illuminated signs for businesses because of their numerous benefits:

  • Day and night visibility
  • Visibility from a distance
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Readability among varying weather conditions
  • Impactful and versatile sign design
  • Eye-catching effects
  • Affordable

Illuminated business signs have endless design and building options, making them ideal for custom signage. This post breaks down the lighting factor of illuminated signs, from lighting technology, options, and effectiveness.

Lighting Technology for Illuminated Business Signs

Technology evolves. Traditionally neon lights and/or fluorescent light bulbs were used to illuminate signs. Vintage signs often feature distinct neon lighting (who doesn’t recognize those famous Vegas lights?).

These days, most signs utilize LEDs for illumination, due to their high power and energy efficiency. See the top 5 benefits of LED signs here.

Lighting Options for Illuminated Business Signs

Illuminated signs for businesses are ideal because they can be customized and lit in several ways to create unique effects.

  • Front-lit signs: When the front face of the sign is illuminated.
  • Back-lit / halo-lit signs: Signs are internally illuminated and create a halo lightening effect on the surface behind the sign.
  • Illuminated push-through acrylic signs: Push-through acrylic signs have a special lighting effect, where the sign is illuminated based on the sign design and cut.Illuminated Business Signs Lighting Options

Lighting Effectiveness 
for Illuminated Business Signs

As you can probably predict, illuminated signs offer a much higher and better level of visibility than non-illuminated signs. In a case study conducted by the Small Business Association, the addition of one LED sign helped increased annual revenues by 16% for a local bistro. In the second year, revenues increased another 32%.

Illuminated signs expand advertising reach, allowing businesses to establish a presence in their communities and attract customers from a large distance. This is especially vital for businesses in hard-to-find areas, or near fast streets or highways—the easier and faster it is to read a sign, the more people you can reach. This generates brand awareness and recognition.

Majestic Sign Studio has an experienced team, highly skilled in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom signage. Let us know what you’re looking for in your illuminated sign, and we’ll recommend the best lighting options for a striking and effective business sign.

Learn more about our illuminated LED exterior signs.


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