Vinyl banners are a fast and economic method of temporary business and event signage. To guarantee your message is being seen, you must ensure your banner is correctly displayed. When it comes to properly hanging a vinyl banner, you should anticipate the environmental conditions and location where the banner will be hung. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Will your banner be hung from a wall, mounted to the side of a building, or placed into the ground?
  • What will the conditions be like where the banner will be placed?
  • Will there be potential wind?
  • How long your banner will be displayed?

By being prepared, you’ll know what type of equipment is needed to securely hang your banner. Here are a few items often used to hang and/or secure a vinyl banner:

  1. Bungee cord
  2. Rope (only as a last resort)
  3. PVC pipe (acts as a weight)
  4. Screws

Hanging a Vinyl Banner from a Wall with Bungee Cord or Rope

When it comes to hanging a vinyl banner, using a bungee cord is a tried-and-true method. The elasticity allows you to hang a banner outside with minimal adjustment and prevents damage from heavy winds.  Even if you’re hanging your banner for only a few hours or indoors, bungee cords are preferred to non-elastic material to secure your banner. Since the weight of the banner is evenly distributed, it lessens the stress applied on the grommeted areas, resulting in a secure hold and a smooth and finished appearance that lasts.

If you’re going to have to use rope to hang your banner, make sure you either weave the rope through the grommets, or use a combination of quick-links or Carabiner clips paired with zip-ties to secure your banner to the rope.

Mounting a Banner to the Side of a Building with Screws

Besides being hung, banners can also be placed onto walls by using screws (be sure to always ask permission before drilling holes into the side of any structure). In the event that you’re hanging a temporary banner on the side of a building, you must first place your banner against the wall and ensure the grommets lay flat. Put a washer over the grommet and drive your screw in to attach your banner to the building.

Securing a Banner Into the Ground with Lawn Stakes

If you find yourself without any sturdy anchor points to hang your banner outdoors, pick up some lawn stakes at your home improvement store to hammer into the ground. Depending on the size of your banner and the weather conditions, you may need just two stakes. For more windy days, you would need four stakes, two for the outer grommets and two to secure the center grommets.

With a proper display, you’ll ensure your message is being seen, and prolong the life of your banner.  For more tips on how to make your banners last, check out our banner maintenance tips on our FAQ page.


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