Max Muscle Nutrition Talks Brand Awareness with Exterior Signage, Vehicle Wraps & T-shirts

David Boyd, Co-owner of Max Muscle
Corona, California

The award-winning Corona-Norco & Eastvale Max Muscle Nutrition store, located in Corona, California, opened in October 2015 and has already established itself as an active health advocate in their local community. With their mission statement, “empowering community health through nutrition”, Max Muscle aims to improve lives through providing a wide range of nutritional products and expert services, and partnering with numerous prominent health and fitness organizations. Serving ages from 10-55, Max Muscle is a place the whole family can go to learn about and improve upon health.

In a recent interview, David Boyd, NESTA® Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and co-owner of the franchise’s Corona-Norco & Eastvale location (along with wife, Amanda Boyd), discusses how their new logo design and exterior signage have helped them become integrated into their community by attracting business to their location, generating local brand awareness and building a brand identity.

Here’s what he had to say:

What were your initial signage needs?
We needed a storefront sign before our opening. We have no signs in the street of our complex, so we needed something that would be clean, eye-catching and visible from a distance.

To give an idea of who we are, it was important for us to emphasize the word “nutrition” in our sign by having it be bold and bright—Majestic Sign Studio was able to accomplish all our wants and needs with a sleekly designed exterior sign (featuring a contoured LED illuminated cabinet and front illuminated channel lettering).

How did the LED sign impact your business?

It helped customers easily find our location.  Because it’s well-lit, we can attract attention from a great distance.

This sign was actually one of the first of its kind—our franchise logo was a historic symbol of our legacy, but we decided to take a risk and go with a new design. Majestic Sign Studio redesigned and refreshed our logo for a new, polished and modern look. The design they crafted ended up being such a hit, that it influenced the design for the whole franchise!

And this led to additional projects?

Yes, our second project was the branded t-shirts, which have become a very successful promotional tool for us. Our third project was our vehicle wrap, which helps increase our brand awareness around town.

How have your branded t-shirts helped your business?
We wanted a fashionable t-shirt that people would want to wear in and out of the gym, with a thought-provoking design that would grab attention. Alisha (Graphic Designer at Majestic Sign Studio) was able to quickly grasp our vision. She created a successful, minimalist design that helped peak curiosity for our brand.

We ran some successful social campaigns with the shirts and was able to significantly increase our Instagram following.

Why opt for vehicle wraps as a part of your marketing and advertising mix?

We find ourselves driving around town a lot, for both business and personal reasons. So we decided—why not capitalize on that opportunity with a mobile billboard? All elements of the car wrap contribute to positive brand equity and a good image for our store.

How has your vehicle wrap impacted your business?

Our wrapped suburban has been good for brand awareness, just by being in our store parking lot and driven around town. We were careful to wrap a “family” car to help convey a community-based business that caters to families.

It’s also an impressive asset at our community events, and works great as a picture backdrop.

Why did you select Majestic Sign Studio for your signage and logo design?

We liked that Majestic Sign Studio was a member of the Corona community, and active in local events. Along with the quality we saw in our exterior sign, we found a personal relationship and partnership that led to additional projects.

We can see that Majestic Sign Studio takes pride in their work by the way they embrace each project and offer guidance throughout its duration. Our exterior sign, vehicle wrap and t-shirts attract attention and always receive positive comments.

* * *

For family health services in the Corona area, including foundational health products, fitness enhancements, dietary and fitness consultation, nutritional guidance and more.

For daily health & fitness inspiration and up-to-date information on promotions, events, and more, visit the Max Muscle Facebook page.

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