Build Local Presence And Boost Brand Recognition Using Outdoor Business Signs

Naturally, every business owner wants people to know what their business does and how they can best serve customers. Investing in custom outdoor signs that strengthen your brand and make your business stand out is one of the best ways to get your business known as a landmark in your community. Exterior business signs are excellent tools when it comes to increasing your brand visibility in a tangible way as well as improving brand recognition so that your business remains top of mind.

Simply put, the more visible your brand is in your community, the more often people will think of your business. When customers see your exterior business signs, you want them to immediately recognize the quality of your products and services. Professional custom outdoor signs can be unique, trendy, and use elements specifically designed to suit your needs, allowing your signs to showcase your company’s personality.

Strengthening Your Brand Using Custom Outdoor Signs

Before you confirm your plans for a new exterior business signs, be sure to take the time to review some key tips and information that will help support your success.

  1. Know the rules

Before creating any signage, find out what regulations, restrictions or permits may be required in Corona or your specific California city. For example, if you are part of a retail plaza, the property management company may have specific guidelines you need to follow. Alternatively, you might be prohibited from having a lighted sign that exceeds a certain size.

  1. Materials matter

Three-dimensional signs like channel letters can offer great opportunities for branding. If that option doesn’t suit your needs, know that there are plenty of other material and exterior signage choices available to best represent your brand. Additional materials options include acrylic, metal, wood, or foam.

  1. Be consistent

Whether you’re upgrading an existing exterior business sign or creating an entirely new sign, be consistent. The outdoor sign that represents your business absolutely must be consistent with your brand identity, and is often the sign used to set your overall brand signage strategy. Use the same colors, logos, fonts and personality throughout your signage to help cement your brand in your community.

  1. Keep signage up to date and in good condition

In order to create a positive feeling around your brand, you’ll need to regularly assess your custom outdoor signs to ensure that they remain in good condition and still properly represent your brand and your business. Outdated and incorrect information displayed on outdoor signage can be extremely detrimental to building trust and a positive relationship with your community.

Majestic Sign Studio – The Right Signage Partner To Help You Build Your Brand

In order to develop professional exterior business signs, you need to work with a full service signage company like Majestic Sign Studio. Our team can help you translate your company’s brand into signs that include your logo, colors and fonts designed to strengthen your image and make your business stand out. Majestic Sign Studio is committed to providing clients with outstanding sign solutions and takes pride being able to create signage that truly captures each company’s unique elements. Contact us today to request a free quote and tell us more about your signage needs.


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