We know that different trends will come and go, but one thing that will never go out of style are high-quality exterior building signs for your business. Why? Because even when trends change, needs don’t. Outdoor business signs will always be needed in order to help people know where you’re located and what your business offers.

However, as in most industries, style, design and material options evolve in the signage industry too. Incorporating on-trend signage is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and help your business stand out. For those businesses who like to be at the forefront of change, being aware of the latest signage trends will allow you to include them in your marketing strategy.

4 Outdoor Business Sign Trends To Consider

As mentioned, it’s important to understand that professional exterior building signs are key components when it comes to building brand awareness in your community. Whether you’re opening a brand-new business or just need a signage upgrade, an experienced signage company can help you determine the best signage to meet your needs. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, the on-trend outdoor building signage options listed below are a good place to start.

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1. Building Wraps

Larger buildings and buildings with significant outdoor wall space are starting to make better use of their exterior surfaces, by using building wraps as part of their outdoor building signage strategy. While these types of wraps were once used only in the development industry for functional and aesthetic reasons, this type of outdoor signage is growing in popularity.  It can be a very powerful and effective marketing tool since you can essentially convert your building into a promotional space.

2. 3D Effect Signs

With more and more visual cues being shown to consumers every day, 3D effect signs have increased in popularity as an effective way to get noticed among the clutter. For example, if you’re looking for signage that literally stands out, consider push-thru signage. Push-thru letters provide front and/or side illumination and custom logo shapes can also be added.

3. LED Electronic Message Centers

Electronic message centers, also known as digital signage, is gaining popularity as it allows businesses to advertise and promote their brand on the exterior of their space with eye-catching signage. Not only do these outdoor business signs create brand awareness, but they can also influence consumer behavior by displaying current promotional information and thus drawing people in.

4. Backlit Signs

This is a more costly option, but worth the investment. A backlit sign can advertise your brand day and night, promoting your business even when you’re closed. Be sure that this type of signage gets placed in an eye-catching area, and choose colors that stand out from the competition in order to attract the most attention possible.

Outstanding Outdoor Business Signage In Corona

There are many exciting and revolutionary signage trends on the horizon and there really are no limits to what innovative exterior building signs can do for your business. Majestic Sign Studio is a full-service sign company that utilizes the latest technology to provide customers with the highest quality custom signs. To learn more about the signage solutions we can offer your business, contact us and tell us how we can help!


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