Everything To Know About Trade Show Displays And Banners in Lake Elsinore, CA

The world of advertising is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. With so many channels to advertise, sometimes it gets difficult to choose the right one and then there is uncertainty about the results. For some businesses, Trade Shows are one of the most important channels to promote themselves. Once a company decides to participate in a trade show, they should have clear goals about what they want from it, such as branding, improving connections, generating leads or focus on improving sales.

Trade shows can deliver incredible results if planned right. They bring in more prospects and improves sales. For a successful trade show, businesses must focus majorly on their trade show displays and banners. As in a jam-packed environment where all the competitors are present, it is very important to grab your customer’s attention before everyone. If there are any flaws in your messaging, trade show displays can hurt your brand’s image too. If you own a business and want to make sure that everything goes well with your next trade show, keep reading.

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How To Design Trade Show Displays And Banners in Lake Elsinore, CA

Keep Your Message Short

In order to make a successful trade show display and banner, you must make sure that your message is short and on point. As visitors face many custom displays and banners in the trade show, it makes their attention span short as they glance through many messages at a time. So, to catch their attention it’s better to keep your message short. Do not focus much on the details about your services, you can provide them through promotional materials or provide links through other means of messaging.

Text Size And Font

The text size should be a minimum of 12cm tall. It should be further adjusted, depending on how far you want it to be visible for the readers. Font also plays a very important role here, as readers have a few seconds to focus on your message, it is very important that only those fonts are used which are easy to read from a distance.


When designing your custom banner, you need to make sure that the main part of your message is placed on the top or middle of the display or banner. The bottoms usually get covered with the crowd and those areas of your banners or displays should only contain the brand’s color or designs.

Things To Avoid While Designing Trade Show Displays And Banners In Lake Elsinore, CA

Incorrect Size

The size of your custom trade show display and banners should align perfectly with the size of your booth. Making a small display for a larger booth might lead to an overcrowded booth and some potential visitors might choose not to come. Renting a bigger booth may also take up most of your budget, so it is better to keep a balance between the two. On the other hand, if your display is too big, and your booth is small, you will not be able to accommodate visitors properly.   

Ignoring Exhibitor’s Manual

For every trade show, the exhibitors share a manual that contains all the rules and regulations regarding the size of banners and displays along with other policies. Keep in mind these policies may differ upon the different types of trade shows you plan to be a part of. Some business owners choose to ignore those rules and go-ahead with ordering their displays. In some cases, it does not match with the guidelines provided and companies end-up with last time adjustments which are not good for the business. It is always advisable to go through all the guidelines thoroughly before giving orders to make trade show displays and banners 

Cost Over Quality

Many people ignore the importance of quality when it comes to trade show displays and banners. As these promotional materials are to be used for a short duration. You should never forget that any kind of custom outdoor business sign is the face for your business. When you choose high-quality materials, it makes your potential customers think that you are professional and serious about your business which increases your chance of getting more customers. Cheaper materials also carry the risk of falling apart anytime which can bring huge embarrassment and loss to the business.  

Qualified Installers

You should always ask about the qualification of people who are going to install vehicle wraps. Installing a commercial vehicle wrap is not easy and if it is not done properly it might reduce the life of the wrap. Having certified installers in the team ensures that you will receive quality work. You can find details about their work by looking at their previous projects too.
How To Guide on Hanging Vinyl Banners

To avoid such situations, it is always good to hire a professional sign company in Lake Elsinore, CA. As these companies are specialists, and they also provide a huge selection of designs to choose from. Their team of experts can guide you through the process in a detailed manner and help you build more on your idea.   

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