Non-Illuminated Outdoor Business Signs Corona, CA

Majestic Sign Studio offers numerous types of outdoor signage. Let us know what you are thinking for your sign design, and we’ll work within your budget to create the highest-quality, outdoor sign. We specialize in non-illuminated exterior signage for businesses and organizations. We provide outdoor signage that resists fading, offers versatility, and exemplifies craftsmanship.

Start Creating Your Non-Illuminated Outdoor Sign

Step 1: Basics of Sign Construction

Outdoor signs usually consist of:

  • Sign Face Either three-dimensional lettering or a cabinet.
  • Returns The sides of the lettering or cabinet.
  • Standoffs When mounted, signs can utilize standoffs to create space between the sign and wall, creating dimension and allowing for a sleek and striking lighting effect.
  • Internally-illumined lighting options

Step 2: Material Options for Outdoor Signs

Your outdoor sign materials will depend on your mandated signage criteria and design needs.


  • Acrylic
  • Painted PVC
  • Vinyl


  • Aluminum (Rust- and rot-resistant)
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper


  • Letter foam
  • Painted PVC
  • Rock/brick/stone (monument signs)

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Based on your vision and sign criteria, we’ll select a variety of materials and lighting options for your budget and build a custom and eye-catching exterior sign. Here are just some of your custom illumined exterior signage options:

Blade Signs

These signs are projected from a building by a pole, and are attached to be perpendicular to your flow of traffic.

  • Ideal for retail stores, small shops and boutiques.
  • Attract foot traffic to your establishment.
  • Classic.

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering are constructed of individual three-dimensional letters for clear and readable signage.

  • Favored among retail stores.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Available in a variety of materials and finishes.
  • Provides distinct look.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are a more traditional method of signage that is ideal for location identification, wayfinding and for directions.

  • Well-suited for open areas and industrial environments.
  • Commonly used as real estate signs and for construction sites.
  • Provides a classic look.
  • Economic signage choice.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are large, permanent outdoor signs that are mounted into a base within the ground.

  • Best-suited for hard-to-find buildings that are looking to identify a presence.
  • Enhances the exterior of your building.
  • When illuminated, are ideal for clear building identification.
  • Offered in 60 custom design molds.

Learn more about the process of creating a monument sign and how they help your business be found.

Shopping Mall Blade Sign & Light Box Vinyl Decal

Shopping Mall Blade Sign & Light Box Vinyl Decal

Building Sign with Foam Letters on Aluminum Face for Santa Ana Supply Store

Post and Panel Sign

Post and Panel Sign

Monument Signs with Dimensional Lettering

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