Fleet Wraps and Graphics: How they can
benefit your business?

Marketing today has taken a whole new level of competition. Every business is competing to get more and more people to know about their products and services. Every aspect of your daily life has become a channel for advertising and businesses are taking every possible step to make sure that their message reaches you first. There was a time where vehicles were considered a mode of transport but now it has changed. They are now seen as prime real estate for the company which can be used to promote their business. This has led to the beginning of commercial vehicle wraps and graphics. The subtle graphics are designed in alignment with the brand’s message and wrapped across their vehicle fleet. 

Since the early 2000’s fleet wraps have become a growing trend amongst businesses, the main reason for its growth is the results that are coming out. When compared with other channels of advertising, vehicle wraps come out as an affordable option for the impressions it delivers throughout. They also improve the life of vehicles by acting like a protective layer which saves your vehicles form minor scratches and protects your body paint from all weather. This, in turn, gets you better value for your vehicles when you sell them. 

What are the different types of Fleet Wraps
and Graphics in Costa Mesa, CA?

Full-Body Wrap

As the name suggests, full-body wraps cover the whole body of your vehicle. If you are looking to get the best out of your outdoor advertising, you should invest in full-body fleet wraps and graphics. This provides a certain advantage to your promotional efforts as your message is more likely to be delivered effectively. Full body wraps also make your vehicle fleet stand out which is always good to attract attention towards your business.

Partial Wrap

Partial wraps are used when you are sure that designing a part of your vehicle is going to deliver the results. This reduces the strength of your brand’s message by reducing the amplification of your message. Forex- if you choose to design the front half of your vehicle, anyone who is looking at your vehicle from behind is likely to miss your message.  

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are the most cost-effective ways of using fleet graphics.  They are the small signs which contain your brand name, logo, and contact information. Since the percentage of branding is so low, vehicle decals are not a good option for spreading your company’s message and are better suited for delivering your contact information. 

What are the Advantages of Fleet Wraps
and Graphics in Costa Mesa, CA?

High Visibility

When compared with other outdoor signs, fleet wraps have higher visibility. A billboard is crossed by many people, but it is not necessary that all of them would be looking at it while driving or walking by. We usually wait for the commercials to end on television and skip the ads on social channels. However, when a fully branded vehicle is spotted on a busy road or parked on the street, it’s a hard sight to ignore. A well-designed fleet wrap always catches attention and the mix of colors always leaves an impression in the mind.

Exclusive Space

Fleet wraps provide you with the advantage of exclusive advertising, as your vehicle will always be branded with your message and your brand’s color. On all other advertising channels, your brand will be competing with others for attention. Also, with time your vehicles will be recognized easily by your potential customers, as your vehicle will always look unique on the roads.

Professional Appearance

A business that has a well-designed commercial wrap will always leave a positive impression on its potential customers. A vehicle wrapped in high-quality wrap defines a brand that is keen for details and professional. This will likely bring more customers to your business. 

Cost-Effective Advertising

Fleet Vehicle Graphics are a cost-effective method of promoting your business as there are no monthly rental or maintenance costs associated with them. You are required to make a one-time investment that is going to last for at least 3-5 years. In addition to that, you can get them changed or removed anytime you want at a very low cost. They also deliver the best return on investment in terms of the number of impressions when compared with other forms of advertising. 

How to Find The Best Fleet Wraps and Graphics
Company in Costa Mesa, CA?

It is an important business decision of whether to use commercial vehicle wraps or not. But if you have decided to go forward with it, it is equally important to choose the right sign company in Costa Mesa, CA who will do the job for you. You have look for experience, client testimonials and some of their previous work to determine whether they will be the right choice for you or not. At Majestic Sign Studio, we are committed to cater to all your signage needs. We specialize in all types of business signs such as Interior Signs, Exterior Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Graphics, Tradeshow Banners etc. We do not provide a fixed cost for fleet graphics and wraps instead; we carefully understand your requirements and provide the best possible design and high-quality materials for your vehicle fleet. 

For all your signage needs, contact Majestic Signs and get the best results out of your outdoor advertising. 

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