How Illuminated LED Signs Can Benefit
Your Outdoor Advertising?

Businesses today, are looking for methods to promote themselves which are creative and appeal to their target audience. The use of Custom Led Signs for outdoor advertising is one method that boosts the overall outdoor promotion strategy. They can be used by businesses of any size especially, for small and mid-size companies who do not have a huge advertising budget. They are affordable and deliver a great return on investment in the long run when compared to the traditional advertising channels. They are proven to be effective for catching the attention of potential customers on busy roads, highways, busy markets, or any other place which receives high footfall.

What works well in favor of Custom Led Signs is the fact that they produce brighter light in comparison to other lights while consuming less electricity. This makes LED signs a cost-effective alternative. And since they are shining more, it grabs more attention towards your brand’s message. If you choose digital LED boards for outdoor advertising, you can run different ads on the same screen. They are easily programmable and can work for a long time without any maintenance cost. Keeping these points in consideration, let’s look at how to get the best-LED signs in Newport Beach, CA.

How to choose Illuminated LED Signs for your
business in Newport Beach, CA?

Basic Type

You must start by choosing the face of your sign. You can choose between a cabinet or 3D lettering. The next is to finalize whether your business sign will be mounted or not. In case you choose mounted signs, the Standoffs can be used for better lighting effects. The last choice to make is whether to go for an internally illumined lighting option.

Type of Lighting

This consists of Front-lit signs, Halo-lit signs (back-lit signs), or a combination of both.

Sign Material

This is going to depend majorly on the type of design you have chosen. But in general, there are two major types of sign materials.

Based on your choice of material and the theme of your business you can get multiple options for Outdoor Lighted Business Signs. Each business sign has a certain cost attached to it and it will depend on your company’s message, its size and where you are planning to place it that will determine the type of sign for your business.

Here are 5 major types of Light Up Signs For Business

Now, you must be having a clear idea of what illuminated LED signs are and what are the different types of custom-made signage that you can choose to promote your business. But before you make that decision let’s give you some more insights on LED signs and their advantages. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “Outdoor LED signs can see a 15-150% increase in sales.” Even if we consider the minimum impact of outdoor signs, 15% growth is still a good number for most of the businesses.

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Benefits of using Illuminated LED Signs for
businesses in Newport Beach, CA


LED signs make it easy for the reader to grasp the message quickly. As a result, more people understand the message and react positively. It also brings up the visual aesthetics which makes it easier to remember the brand’s message.

Customizable and Durable

One of the biggest advantages of using LED signs is they are highly customizable. You can control them through your computer and use the same signboard to showcase different messages. One more factor is its durability. They are made with tough materials, as in most of the cases they are facing all weather conditions. These two features make LED signs a very cost-effective option.

Bright and Power Saving

LED lights are brighter in comparison with other lights and they also consume less electricity. They are environment-friendly and pocket-friendly at the same time. 

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