Cannabis Business Signs

The cannabis industry continues to grow. It’s easy to forget about small operational details like cannabis signage and advertising with every new venture.

Are you a cannabis company in Corona looking to put up signs for your business? There can be a lot to consider when it comes to signage. This is where Majestic Sign Studio can help.

We are a full-service company that offers a wide range of cannabis dispensary signs in Corona. Learn more about your sign options by calling us today! 

Business Signs that Light up

Types of Custom Signs for Cannabis Businesses

Why the Need for Cannabis Retail Signs?

Light Up Signs For Business in Corona
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Custom outdoor business signs Corona

Commercial Cannabis Signage Ordinances

Need new signs for a new or existing dispensary? One essential thing to look into is your local ordinances. Depending on the city or state, there may be guidelines for signage.

Some cities, for example, require off-site marijuana signs for businesses to be at least 800 ft away from sensitive locations. This includes drug abuse treatment facilities, public parks, and schools. There can be guidelines on your on-site signs, including:

For this reason, choosing a sign company that is well-versed with local ordinances is crucial. This avoids any violations and unnecessary penalties so you can operate your business smoothly.

Your Trusted Cannabis Sign Company in Corona

Are you a cannabis business moving into Corona this year, looking for a marijuana sign company in Corona to work with? Majestic Sign Studio is here to deliver high-quality sign solutions for your business.

Our team offers a variety of sign options, like medical signs for marijuana and more. Our commitment to quality and excellence is why you should choose us to do your signs for your cannabis business.

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