Architectural signage refers to a wide range of signage used by businesses, not just signage designed to advertise products. It can include building signage that provides brand identification and supports wayfinding too, as well as any other type of signs designed to present an overall professional appearance.

Ideally, effective custom architectural signage combines several elements into an aesthetically pleasing mix, which successfully represents your business and complements the décor of your building. While it may sound complicated, it comes down to using smart signage throughout your physical location to bring your brand messaging to life.

The Best Architectural Signage Can Help You Stand Out

So, why does your California business need a successful architectural sign system? When a possible partner or client visits your location, they form an impression the minute they walk through the door. Unfortunately, poor quality and worn-out signs are hard to look past. Trying to create positive relationships will only be that much more challenging if you’re missing good architectural signage to support your efforts.

Not only will visitors rely on your building signage to find your business, but they’ll need to be able to find their way around the location too. If you don’t have quality signage that helps them navigate your space without frustration, you’re only enticing them to leave and to hold onto a negative impression.

Not investing in custom architectural signage is a missed opportunity to elevate your brand and your business. Great signs can help people associate your business with a specific set of values, level of service, and professionalism.

Creating Architectural Signage That Works

The best architectural signage is a result of strategy, expertise, and quality. Working with the right signage partner helps your California business develop a plan that will add value and help you achieve a higher level of success.

To get started, here are three of the main elements you’ll need to consider when investing in professional custom architectural signage:

  • Design – Great sign systems need to be visually appealing, but they should also enhance the environment. Signs serve a purpose, so although you can certainly get creative, you need to ensure that any design maximizes visibility, readability, and brand awareness.
  • Quality – Exterior signage needs to be durable, while interior signage should look elegant while still standing the test of time. Materials chosen should reflect quality as well as match the aesthetic of your brand.

Architectural Signage from Majestic Sign Studio

Your company needs a signage strategy that includes all the indoor and outdoor signage used to represent your business. From building signage to restroom signs to the signs that appear in your lobby, Majestic Sign Studio can work with you to produce a cohesive architectural sign system that helps you grow your business. To learn more about our interior and exterior sign options, contact us.


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