We see it all the time—what is old, becomes new again. Lately, store owners have been opting for vintage inspired sign design to help differentiate their storefronts and create an association with value. If you’re wondering how to garner attention for your store, illustrate the history behind your brand, bolster your brand equity, or just be different, consider a vintage sign design.

Vintage Design

Vintage sign design is ideal for barber shops and salons, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, inns, specialty stores and more. They’re a great way to tell a story and create a distinct and appealing aesthetic for your business.

If your brand image incorporates legacy, history, family and/or tradition, a vintage sign design would be well-suited for your store or shop.


Get Inspiration for Vintage Business Signs

To get started on your vintage sign design, take some time to study the past. “Vintage” can refer to a broad range of historical styles—narrow down your design elements by researching distinct characteristics from various time periods.

  • 1900 – 1940: Bold colors and graphics.
  • 1940 – 1990 (mid-century retro): Inventive and striking color combinations.

By taking time to first research different time periods, you’ll be able to decide on a decade to emulate and avoid unworkable and clashing design elements. Take a look at old sign photos, vintage movie posters, and retro advertisements from your desired time period to help create an authentic, cohesive vintage sign.

To learn more about graphic design through the decades, click here.


Vintage Sign Design Elements

To design a vintage business sign, you’ll need to consider your various sign elements, including typography, color palate and sign materials.


Vintage Fonts

Incorporating a vintage font into your business sign is an easy way to evoke a retro feel. Usually, vintage fonts are defined by a mixture of uppercase serif fonts and calligraphic sans-serif fonts.Vintage Fonts

Some popular vintage fonts are:

  • American Brewery
  • Bobber
  • Hustlers
  • Nexa Rust
  • Sunday
  • Variane Script

Pick your font combinations to convey the right tone for your business.


Vintage Sign Materials

From 1890-1950, outdoor signs were primarily constructed from iron. Utilizing metals for your sign design will help you achieve that vintage feel.

You can also get creative with your materials to convey popular textures from older times. Including a grainy texture can help create an authentic and dynamic vintage appearance.

Looking to add a unique retro touch to your business? Majestic Sign Studio specializes in custom signage, and has an extensive material inventory to match any building décor. If you’d like to create a vintage style interior or exterior sign for your business or organization, contact Majestic Sign Studio’s expert design team for a consultation.

See our favorite vintage signs.


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