Majestic Sign Studio Further Optimizes In-House Production with New CNC Router

Majestic Sign Studio continues to expand in-house custom sign manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a new MultiCam® 1000 Series CNC Router.

A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that’s paired with an automated router. A CNC router is used to precisely cut through and shape hard materials, such as non-ferrous metal, foam, wood, plastic, and composites. Designs are created by hand and perfectly executed through the machine, making it an efficient tool for creating custom signage.

The router is housed at Majestic Sign Studio’s showroom and production facility in Corona, CA, and will cut lead times for interior and exterior building signs in half, while increasing the sign quality.

Majestic CNC Router

Majestic Sign Studio underwent detailed training to get operation outputs to their best quality levels. The new CNC router features several benefits:

  • Ultimate precision for cutting unique sign designs, such as logos and lettering.
  • Designs can be easily scaled, allowing for project versatility.
  • Ability to save files, making repeat jobs fast and easy.

The addition of the CNC router aims to further optimize in-house operations, streamline production, and offer high quality, distinctive signage to continually meet customers evolving needs.

Procuring the best equipment to produce high-quality signage is an effort stemming from Majestic Sign Studio’s company vision of, “…being the most trusted full-service sign company throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County”.

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