Store signs have the power to be a catalyst when it comes to growing your customer base and turning passersby into paying customers. But how do businesses know how to design storefront graphics that will really help them engage with customers and which ones will be the best option for their storefront window space?
Since store signage should be considered an important tool for attracting and retaining customers, it’s important to work with the right signage partner. Majestic Sign Studio in Ontario, California can help you design effective store signs that will increase your visibility, boost your image, and help increase overall brand awareness.

How to Make Your Store Signs And Graphics As Effective As Possible
Adding items like vinyl window stickers to your front windows can have a direct impact on your bottom line and contribute to business growth. While you may be aware that having some type of storefront signage is a necessity, there are so many options beyond a typical sign.
From highlighting your unique selling proposition to advertising current sales and promotions, strategic storefront graphics may be just what you need to reach your business goals. The more information you can clearly display to potential customers, the more drawn to your business story they’ll be.
When designing your storefront signage in Ontario, think beyond the basics and push for something more unique. More specifically, understand that the wording and images you use will directly impact how effective the signs will be when it comes to drawing people into your location.

Your storefront signage should be brief and to the point and should also keep the following things in mind:
• Use a font type that is easily legible.
• Choose images that won’t make the sign feel cluttered.
• Inspire people to take action. Use vinyl window stickers to showcase why your product provides a solution to a customer’s problem.
• Be able to build on to your brand’s personality.
• Be highly visible. Think about positioning, size, shape and color and be sure to select what will be seen the most, while still staying on brand.
Invigorate Your Storefront with Signs from Majestic Sign Studio
Finding the right storefront window graphics to entice customers and raise brand awareness can feel like a daunting task. When you work with Majestic Sign Studio, we’ll bring your vision to life. You can count on us to deliver top quality store signs that drive results while also being cohesive with your brand. For those looking to elevate their image, there are infinite opportunities waiting to be customized to suit your needs. Call us at (951) 332-7040 to request a quote and find out more about our interior and exterior signage options.


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