You work hard to provide exceptional products and services, but none of that matters if people can’t locate your business and become a customer. Outdoor building signage is one of the easiest ways to attract more customers by making it simple for them to find your business and learn more about what your company offers. If you aren’t using outdoor store signs effectively, you’re most likely missing out on potential sales by not having the right signs to drive people to your location. As an added feature, why not use outdoor lighted business signs? These bright, illuminated signs showcase your business during those busy evening hours and could be just the thing to turn people passing by into paying customers.

The effects of poor signage can have a significant impact on your sales targets. Effective outdoor building signage can attract a large percentage of customers, which makes investing in the right outdoor store signs an important part of your marketing strategy. Quality exterior signage will not only grant you greater visibility but a better reputation in your community too.

Does Your Current Outdoor Building Signage Properly Reflect Your Business?

If it’s the right time to upgrade your storefront or outdoor lighted business signs, start by doing a quick audit of your current outdoor signage. By using the five questions below, you’ll be able to identify what may need to change, as well as what’s currently working well. Once you understand your signage needs, contact a signage expert to start creating the ideal outdoor store signs for your business.

  1. Are the messages on your signs too crowded?There’s a lot you want to say about your business, but crowded signs are harder to read. To avoid alienating customers with too much text, keep your messages brief and succinct. If your signs look overwhelming, instead of trying to read them, people will skip them altogether.
  2. Are your signs in the right location?High-quality outdoor building signage is certainly a step in the right direction, but they won’t do your business any good if they’re placed where no one can see them! Signs need to be visible from the road, as well as from multiple directions. Even outdoor lighted business signs won’t do much if they aren’t high enough to be easily seen.
  3. Are your signs readable?The color contrast and the font used directly impacts the effectiveness of any sign. For example, the font size used has to be large enough to be read from a distance, and ideally, the sign should be visible at night.
  4. Do your signs convey accurate information?From new hours or prices to a branding update, you need to make sure you sign are sharing your correct information and image. Directional signs that no longer lead people to the right place or a sign that has the wrong hours can significantly impact your reputation, and create negative associations for your business.
  5. Are your signs in good condition?Torn, worn out, or peeling signs or signage with burnt out letters will absolutely not give off the first impression you want for your business. Not only will they make a poor impression, but no one will be able to read them either!

Work With Majestic Sign Studio And Get Your Business Noticed

If you’ve come to realize that your signs aren’t working well for your business, it’s time to make changes to your outdoor building signage. Majestic Sign Studio can help you develop outstanding signs that effectively convey and represent your business, so you can get the positive exposure you want. We’re a full-service sign company that can provide the highest quality custom signs for your business. Ready to get started? Contact us or call us today at (951) 900-3398.


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