We’ve talked before about the ADA signs your business needs, but it’s worth delving into more specifics when it comes to the options that exist for ADA compliant signs for California businesses. Although business owners are happy to have the right ADA signs in place, it’s natural to be concerned that the signs might be aesthetically unattractive and not cohesive with your brand design. However, business owners should know that custom signs for a business can also include custom ADA compliant signs that combine utility and aesthetic appeal for an outstanding result.

Creating excellent ADA signs starts with getting the basics right. Majestic Sign Studio, located in Corona, California, has the expertise required to ensure that your signs meet all regulatory needs while also infusing your brand into all signage used to represent your business.

You Can Have ADA Compliant Signs That Also Showcase Your Brand

It is absolutely true that the ADA signage regulations and requirements will impact your options when it comes to signage design. However, once you ensure you have ADA compliant signs, such as elevated letters and/or Braille lettering, you can then move into customizing each sign to better reflect your specific brand.

Learn more about ADA sign requirements.

With some creativity, you can create custom signs for a business that supports brand awareness while also fulfilling the needs of an ADA sign. There was a time when ADA signs were simple and basic, with a true void for smart design. It’s important to understand that the ADA regulations do not limit creativity, image use, or other design variables as long as the basic regulations are adhered to.

For example, because color contrast is an important part of ADA compliant signs, know that you can still most likely use your same brand color combination, simply modified, to meet regulations. By sticking to the same color scheme in all signage, including your ADA signage, you’ll be able to successfully increase brand awareness.

The best way to ensure that your ADA signs are not only compliant but also effective in elevating your brand is to work with a signage expert. It’s not easy to understand all of the ADA requirements, have the signage installed in the right place and make sure it represents your California business in the best way possible.

Get Effective ADA Signs From Majestic Sign Studio

No business owner wants to invest in something that doesn’t do the best possible job at supporting their business growth. Don’t make the mistake of defaulting to bland ADA signs that simply won’t be effective at building your brand awareness. With years of experience creating dynamic ADA compliant signs, Majestic Sign Studio can work with you to design signage that showcases your brand while also ensuring that everyone who walks through your door feels safe and welcome. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.


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