When any business makes the decision to spend money on signage, they want to be sure that their investment is worthwhile and will last for years to come. Custom LED signs are a very popular sign choice in Costa Mesa, California. They really allow your business name to stand out at any time of day.

However, how can a business be sure that they’re choosing the right sign company and that their LED sign project will be well managed and well-executed? While everyone loves a deal, understand that getting professional signage that is durable and well-made shouldn’t be about getting the lowest price!

5 Tips to Ensure Your LED Signage Supports Your Success

If you want to make sure that your sign project will be a success, it’s best to have some guidelines ahead of time that will help you understand what makes LED signs effective. The right signage partner in Costa Mesa should speak with you about all the details listed below and ensure you understand what your options are before you commit to anything.


Not only should you aim to use contrasting colors to promote visibility and readability, but you should also ensure that your signage will match your branding and logo.

  1. Location.

You may get a great deal on custom LED signs, but what if the company you’re working with has no knowledge when it comes to installation and location. The decision about where to place your sign needs to be part of the conversation right from the start so that the proper shape and size are used to maximize results.

  1. Size.

Is it worth paying a lower price for LED business signage if it won’t be easy to read? An expert sign company will help you determine your font size so that your sign can be read from as many sides of the street as possible. Not all signage professionals really understand how much size can impact a sign’s effectiveness.

  1. Creativity.

Investing in custom LED signs presents an opportunity to resonate with your audience. You want your sign to be memorable, to invoke something in your audience, and to move them to action. That can’t be accomplished with just any old average sign. What ideas does your sign company bring to the table?

  1. Customization.

A great signage company will take the time to learn about your industry and your company. Having more contexts will help them develop LED signs that your audience relates to. In addition, being able to customize the design, shape, and colors used means that you’ll also be making a solid investment in your brand awareness.

We understand that cost certainly plays a factor when it comes to getting a great deal on your signage project, but finding success with business signs involves so much more than just the price on the invoice. If you truly want to love your project results, find a signage partner you can trust.

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So, where can you find a professional, highly skilled, and trustworthy sign company in Costa Mesa, California, that can make amazing LED signage? Look no further than Majestic Sign Studio. With an experienced team who loves to bring our client’s dreams to reality, you can count on us to take your project seriously and to deliver outstanding results, all while keeping your budget in mind. To learn more about custom LED signs, contact us.


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