Is your business easy to find? Does your outdoor building signage make it clear what type of businesses and services can be found in your business? If your outdoor building signage is lacking, you’re most likely missing out on potential sales traffic because you’re not effectively capturing people’s attention.

The consequences of having poor outdoor store signs can have a much stronger impact than you might expect. Effective outdoor building signage is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to attracting new customers. When the right signage becomes a part of your business strategy, you’ll benefit from greater visibility and an overall better reputation. From outdoor lighted business signs to non-illuminated outdoor signs, investing in custom building signage will help you attract the positive attention you want for your location.

How To Create Effective Outdoor Business Signage

Business are often situated in busy, high-profile locations, which means you need to make a good first impression. Signs used for businesses should not be an afterthought, but should be a constant part of operations planning and will need to be continually evolved over time. To ensure that your outdoor business signage continues to work for your building, be mindful of the following:

  1. Signage regulations.
    From ADA compliant signs to new signage bylaws, be sure that any signage used throughout your business obeys any and all regulations.
  2. Your current and future signage needs.
    Be sure to have a strategy so that the signage throughout your business has a cohesive look. Work with your trust signage partner to develop sign solutions that give your building a stylish look and increase visibility during daytime and evening hours. Outdoor lighted business signs are a worthwhile investment that can make a significant difference in building evening sales traffic.
  3. Understanding all signage needs.
    In addition to more obvious outdoor signs, such as a channel letter sign on the front of retail space, outdoor building signage should also include things like wayfinding signs and informational signs that share business hours and contact information.

Build Better Outdoor Business Signs With Majestic Sign Studio

Working with a commercial sign specialist, like Majestic Sign Studio, can help you create a signage strategy that will align with your business goals and objectives. Making use of our professional expertise will help ensure that your signs will be effective and properly represent your brand.

Specifically, we will work with you and provide ongoing support to make sure that your signs are:

  • Not too crowded.
  • Positioned in the right place.
  • Readable by using a font and color contrast that works.
  • Accurate and helpful.
  • In good condition.

If it’s time to make changes to your outdoor business signs, contact Majestic Sign Studio. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements, including design elements, timeline, and budget, and present you with creative signage solutions that will get you noticed. Exceptional signage can go a long way towards creating a positive experience for tenants and visitors. Specifically, the right outdoor building signage isn’t just important, it should be considered essential to your success! Call us today at (951) 900-3253 and let’s get started.


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