At a minimum, basic commercial building signage needs to communicate information, attract customers, and amplify your brand image. However, for those California businesses looking for more than just the basics, channel letters are an excellent choice to help you elevate your appeal.

Channel letter signage is a powerful way to get your message out there. The signs you choose communicate so much about your business. What do you want your signage to say to your potential customers? The right business signs can be powerful tools to attract attention and make people curious to know more about what you offer.

Use Custom Channel Letter Signs to Create Brand Awareness

With channel letter signage, you can ensure that your building’s exterior works hard for your business by bringing in more customers and broadcasting your identity and brand. Channel lettering makes a powerful statement that’s hard to ignore, which means your message won’t be overlooked!

Since channel letters are three-dimensional, your company name and logo will jump off the wall, demanding a greater level of attention. They are easily seen by people driving or walking by and are illuminated to make sure your California business is visible at all hours of the day or night.

Their commanding presence makes your business easy to find. Choosing custom channel letter signs communicates to everyone who sees your exterior that you value professionalism and quality and care about your brand image. These are all critical elements that help you build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Stand Out with Channel Letters Designed Specifically for Your Needs

Since you can customize channel letters to represent your brand and your business accurately, you’ll feel confident that your exterior sign sends an ideal message to all those that pass by. From choosing custom LED-illuminated designs to brightly colored letters, your channel letter signage can be made using several different options, including material and mounting choice.

Keeping your specific messaging in mind, you can create custom letters that uniquely speak to your audience and accurately represent your industry and values. Effective signage on the outside of your space that tells customers who you are helps build a connection with them right from the start.

Majestic Sign Studio – Helping You Tell Your Business Story

Signs are so much more than just letters and numbers. They represent who your business is, what you value and how you can help your customers. It’s time your California business has the signs it needs to attract attention and to let everyone know why they should choose your products and services. At Majestic Sign Studio, our team has the expertise to design exterior building signage that will get you noticed. If you think channel letters could be right for your business, contact us to learn more about our affordable custom options.


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