Custom lobby and indoor office signs play a very important role in setting the tone for customers, visitors, and staff. It’s important for your Costa Mesa, California businesses to take the time to research and invest in the right signs in order to deliver the message and the branding experience you want people to have when they visit your business.

However, designing the perfect interior signs for your lobby may not be as simple as you think. In fact, experienced sign professionals put a lot of thought into the process so that you end up with the best possible signage to augment your business space. If you want signs inside your space that elevate your brand and support your success, not just any old sign will do.

What to Consider When Creating Effective Custom Lobby And Indoor Office Signs
Indoor signs may technically be seen less than your exterior signs, but they still must be professional and represent your brand well. In particular, lobby signs are often the first thing people see when they enter your business. Will they be impressed? When you work with Majestic Sign Studio, our experts will help you make your brand shine!
Here are five things to consider when working to design high impact custom lobby and indoor office signs that elevate your brand:
1. Wall structure.
You may have a type of lobby signage in mind, but first, you need to assess any structural concerns. Considering how the new interior signs will be hung as well as the weight of the proposed signage are important to determine before anything is manufactured. In addition, if you’re renting space, you may need to confirm with your property manager what is allowable when it comes to affixing things to the wall.
2. Wall material.
Are your walls made of drywall, are they concrete or are they covered in wood panels? Before getting started, you need to look at what type of wall background you’ll be working with and assess which type of signage material will best complement the wall and make your brand stand out.
3. Available space.
It’s not just about choosing the right indoor signs for your brand, it’s also about designing signage that scales properly, fills the space well, and augments your overall aesthetic. For example, if you have a small lobby, you don’t want an oversized sign as it’ll only serve to overwhelm your visitors. We will help you properly scale your sign.
4. Consistency.
The signage you put in your lobby should be recognizable and consistent with your brand identity and with any other exterior and interior signs you use. Your lobby presents an opportunity for you to boldly display your brand and show visitors that you have an image you’re proud of. In addition to an exceptional lobby sign, consider adding a wall mural as that can really help expand your presence in the space first seen by customers.
5. Find the right signage partner.
Adding custom lobby and indoor office signs is more than just getting information up on the walls. You need to work with an experienced signage provider, like Majestic Sign Studio, that understands how important it is for lobby signage to properly support your image and improve brand awareness.

Better Branding for Your Business with Majestic Sign Studio
For businesses located in the Corona, California area, the team at Majestic Sign Studio knows that we can help you brand your lobby and indoor space in a way that will improve your customer experience and elevate your image. Working together, we’ll create branded indoor signs that not only look professional, but that also ensure your brand will be cemented in the minds of your customers. To find out more about working together, contact us.


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