5 Steps to Successful Business Signs Projects!

It’s time to update or upgrade your Irvine business signs, but you want to make sure that the investment you make is the right one. Most business owners know that putting up signage is more than just adding your company name outside the building, so it’s really important to set yourself up for success when it comes to new business signs projects.

Whether you’re looking for interior signage, vehicle wraps, or a new building sign, working with an experienced sign maker will help you get things off on the right foot. Creating effective business signage requires strategy, planning, and a thorough understanding of your needs. By following a well-thought-out and detailed plan, you’re much more likely to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Get Irvine Business Signs That Meet Your Needs

When you work with a sign company, you can’t assume that they’ll understand all the facets of your business. Make time to provide them with critical information that will help them design the best business signs possible.

To ensure your signage project is a success, follow these five steps.

  1. Define the scope.

Determine where you need new signage, as well as what problems you’re trying to solve by expanding your signage strategy. What is the end goal? What mix of signs do you hope to have? You’ll also need to define the criteria of the project, including any limitations like budget or time.

  1. Create the signage plan.

Together, you and your signage company should create a project plan once you have all the key elements ironed out. It’s very important that you state your expectation for the business signage project so that everyone is on the same page.

  1. Start creating outstanding signs.

Once the project gets underway, it’s critical to keep communication lines open. Be sure to sign off on all proofs before the final design and manufacturing get underway. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Your signage company wants to meet your expectations, but they can’t do that if you hold back.

  1. Monitor progress.

Your signage company should keep you up to date on delivery deadlines and how things are moving along. They should also keep you well informed about any challenges they may be facing or any changes that need to be made, such as types of illumination or material selection.

  1. Installation and the completion of the project.

You may think the final step in the signage project is installation, but it’s also important to evaluate the project’s achievements and make a note of any challenges that occurred. When it comes to installation, again, make sure things are exactly as you want them before you deem the project complete.

Majestic Sign Studio Can Deliver the Business Signage You Need

If you want Irvine business signs that captivate your audience and draw people to your business, contact Majestic Sign Studio. With an experienced team that excels at turning ideas into outstanding final results, we can help you take your signage strategy to the next level. From conception to installation, trust Majestic Sign Studio with all your signage needs. Call us at 951-374-1401 to learn more about working together.


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