The year 2020 seems to be all about pivoting and adapting to changes. Business owners in California have had to adapt and get creative when it comes to operating in our current environment. Custom wall murals may not seem to fit into this new reality, but they actually really do!
As business owners are looking for ways to revitalize their space and focus on creating a welcoming and positive environment, adding wall mural decals and graphics has become a growing trend. It’s so important to communicate with your customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a professional way that will help your business thrive and survive in these unprecedented times.

Add Wall Mural Decals and Wallpapers To Support Your Business
Creating a welcoming, calm, and safe environment for your customers and employees is more important than ever. As such, businesses in Irvine, California have been turning to custom wall murals to help them deliver a positive experience for everyone who interacts with them.

Here’s why these wall improvement options are trending and increasing in popularity:
• As mentioned, being constantly asked to keep up with the changes 2020 has brought in means that businesses want flexibility. Wall mural wallpapers, decals, and graphics are customizable, but they’re also easy to install and easy to change.
• It’s also really important for businesses to be able to maximize the value they get from any spending during these difficult times. Wall murals are a very effective marketing tool but are also relatively low cost. For businesses looking to make an impact without having to spend a lot, it’s no wonder this type of business signage has seen a rise in demand.
• There is a great interest from customers to know as much as they can about a business before they choose to do business with them. What better way to let people know about your brand, your values, and how you’re keeping them safe then displaying it on the walls for all to see.
• With more people staying inside and seeking comfort from spaces, businesses have a strong desire to ensure their interior is as calming and welcoming as possible. From adding wall mural wallpaper that creates a serene space to decals that offer encouraging words, smart business owners are using all the options that have to make their business stand out.

Get Custom Wall Murals from Majestic Sign Studio
When it comes to augmenting your business using wall mural decals, wallpapers, and graphics, the options are limitless. Majestic Sign Studio’s team of designers will help you imagine unique options designed specifically for your business and then work with you to bring them to life. Don’t let your unused wall space go to waste! Contact us to transform your interior and help your business rise to the top.


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