Removing commercial signage typically represents a time of change. In the world’s current climate, the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing will alter the landscape and many establishments may be forced to close their doors. At the start of a new venture, businesses often focus on sign installation, while building management companies and property managers are often left dealing with the task of sign removal when some businesses don’t succeed.

At Majestic Sign Studio, we treat sign removal in Santa Ana just as professionally as we would any other signage project requested by our clients. Whether your sign removal needs include indoor signage, outdoor signage, or both, our team can take care of the job in a safe and proficient manner.

Sign Removal in Santa Ana – What To Expect

In general, the process of removing custom business signs in Santa Ana involves several steps. First, we’ll remove the existing signage. If needed and requested, the façade can be patched and painted, and finally new signage can be installed.

More specifically, here are some details that building and property managers should know:

  • Removing existing signage – Depending on the type of signage that needs to be removed, it may involve high-voltage transformers, or disposing of other types of signage illumination. As such, sign removal in Santa Ana should only be done by those who know how to safely handle these types of elements.
  • Disposing of old signage – There are parts of commercial signage that will be deemed hazardous waste, which means they’ll have specific needs when it comes to completing safe disposal. During sign installation, most businesses don’t think about the possibility of their sign needing to be removed, but when a business needs a new sign or goes out of business it is sometimes the case.
  • Completing updates or repairs – For signs that were anchored to the front of a building, there are often holes used for wiring that will need to be repaired. You may also need to remove window graphics, or other types of business signage used by tenants now no longer in business. While it can seem low on the list of priorities, it’s important to do the repair work in order to attract new tenants to your property and keep your commercial spaces as full and robust as possible.

When the time comes to assist your new tenants, Majestic Sign Studio will be ready to create custom business signs in Santa Ana that will help support their success. From designing and installing exterior building signs that grab attention to unique wall graphics that welcome customers, our team is the signage partner your properties need, every step of the way.

Majestic Sign Studio Can Support All Your Signage Needs

At Majestic Sign Studio, our team is committed to working with you for both sign installation and sign removal. From designing ideal sign solutions, to helping properly remove and dispose of signage, you can count on us to be the reliable partner you need. If you’re looking for a signage company to help you navigate the current climate, contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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