Majestic Sign Studio was recently chosen to create a wall mural display for the San Bernardino County Museum Mountain Men Exhibit.The exhibit features an illustrated depiction of early Americans coming to the San Bernardino Mountains between 1826 and 1850 to seek wealth.

The museum exhibit, which has been open since January 2015, started off as a walk-through exhibition with hanging images used to display the historical scenes.

To help add further visual impact to the museum display, the San Bernardino County Museum decided to incorporate a dynamic presentation by way of floor to ceiling wall graphics.

Before-After-Wall Murals

Majestic Sign Studio printed and laminated graphics for the entire project, which covers four large walls and encompasses nearly 900 square feet of wall space. To implement the project, Majestic Sign Studio started off by editing the photos. Because the historical images used throughout the exhibit were 100 years old, they required a substantial amount of editing to achieve the right level of resolution and display quality. Images were then printed over a two-day period. They were printed on 3M vinyl and included a laminate matte finish, applied to provide additional protection for the graphics and to achieve a professional museum-quality appearance for the new exhibit.

The wall mural was then applied in sections. Installs were done in the morning before the museum was open, over two days. The result was a successful, vibrant and high-quality image presentation.

The revamped Mountain Men exhibit was recently unveiled in a private open house event and will continue to be open to the public for the next two years. To plan a visit, see the San Bernardino County Museum website.

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