3 Simple Ways to Create a Positive Office Atmosphere

You spend most of your time at work—so why not make it a great place to be? Having a positive work environment can increase productivity and efficiency and the overall attendance of your staff. Here are some easy and affordable ways you can improve your office space:

1. Plants are a fast and easy way to liven up your space, without breaking the bank. They brighten up the room, help reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants, making for a healthier and more productive work environment. Here’s a list of indoor plants that work well in an office: http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/11/indoor-office-plants.html.

2. Music can boost the mood of your work setting, whether it’s classical music for concentration and relaxation or an upbeat tempo to help stimulate ideas. Just make sure to be courteous to your colleagues and use headphones when necessary.

3. Wall murals (a piece of art painted or applied directly on a wall) are also a great way to positively contribute to your work atmosphere. Your mural can range from simple color designs that add spice to your room to a unique work of art that draws people in. Choose something that reflects the intent of the room and design according to the ambience you want to create, such as bold geometric shapes for excitement or impact or relaxing watercolor effects for tranquility.

Here are some ideas:

  • Break room: Create a fun environment by adding a café style wall mural or create the illusion of a diner.
  • Conference room: Dress up your walls with bright colors to help energize and invigorate the room, boosting creativity.
  • Lobby: Showcase your brand and history in your lobby and illustrate your company’s vision.

Think of ways you can bring out the individuality of your company’s culture with wall graphics and where you can add personality. Interested in getting a wall mural for your office space? Wall murals can be digitally printed on vinyl and easily installed. Majestic’s wall murals are fabricated with a protective laminate coating and made to last.  Wall murals can be ordered with matte or gloss finish.

Contact Majestic Sign Studio to bring your ideas to life with a custom wall mural. Don’t forget to check out the wall graphics gallery.


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