Increasingly, more companies are choosing custom wall murals over traditional wall paint. Why? They are versatile, durable, quick to install, easy to clean, and can be completely customized for your business.

There are so many ways to incorporate murals into your business in a way that improves the visitor experience. If you are intrigued, but not sure where to start, here are 10 great ideas to guide you:

Transform Your Lobby with Wall Murals

Create a warm, welcoming space where guests enter with impressive murals. You will instantly transform your entrance into an engaging space that makes a great first impression!

Enhance Waiting Areas

If guests are spending time in your lobby or waiting room, then murals can make this wait more pleasant. Consider a large-scale mural that helps set the mood in your waiting area or smaller graphics to display your organizations information.

Outfit Your Break Rooms and Dining Spaces

Murals can also be used to engage and inform your employees. Areas such as break rooms, dining spaces, and other team-gathering areas can get a facelift with murals that display company achievements, inspiring messages, or graphics to liven up the workplace.

Wall Murals in Meeting Spaces

When clients are on site, murals in meeting areas can be used to offer information. Consider murals that highlight your company’s history, awards, core values or anything else that sets your business apart.

Brighten Dark Areas

In dimly lit areas of your business, consider using murals to brighten the space. Choose colors and designs that will add light to dark areas to make them feel more welcoming for employees and guests.

3D Wall Murals That “Pop”

You can instantly catch someone’s eye with 3D wall murals. This type of mural will play a visual trick that makes images “pop” off the surface, creating an enticing scene that visitors are sure to talk about.

Transport Guests with Imagery

Many types of businesses can transport guests to a new location with captivating murals. This may include setting a scene in a restaurant, displaying inspiring sports images in a gym, or creating a warm and welcoming scene to reassure patients.

Educate Your Customers

Take advantage of your wall space to educate customers on a larger scale. Murals can be crafted to display infographics, maps, and diagrams that inform visitors to your facility.

Add Style to Your Business

Murals will help achieve the right mood for your business, whether you want to convey a creative vibe with energy and flair or a calm, serene mood for focus or relaxation.

Get Creative with Custom Wall Murals

The sky’s the limit when it comes to design options for your mural. Our team at Majestic Sign Studio will work with you to create custom designs that achieve just what your business needs. If you are not sure where to start, you can rely on us to guide you from the beginning stages right through to the final installation.

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